Doctor who: The survivors

The story

Barbara has been taken by the Daleks and the others find a room filled conveniently with Geiger counters telling them about the radiation. Elsewhere the Daleks have exposition conversations.


The doctor admitting to sabotaging the Tardis so he could see the city made me laugh. It takes Ian a moment to realise how mad he is about this even though he’s just laid out how awful the situation is.

And they’d just had a conversation about what forms intelligence can take. Ian being worried about the intelligence of the unknown beings in the city and the doctor saying it doesn’t matter. It seems he should have been more worried about the form the doctor’s intelligence takes considering the doctor has all the knowledge and Ian very little. It’s how you use your intelligence that matters. In the doctor’s case that’s to get what you want regardless of everyone else.

They have to send someone back to the Tardis to get radiation drugs and the obvious choice is to send Susan. Or at least that’s the choice the writers want because she’s not as badly affected as the others and Ian has been injured by the Daleks after making a bit of a pathetic run for it.

Susan’s running through the jungle to the Tardis is tense. With all the strange shapes, it being in black and white and the flashing light of the lightning it’s hard to see what’s what and we don’t know what a Thall looks like. Although I could have done without the hysterics and the strange head movements.

You do feel for her though when she reaches the Tardis and then realises she’s only completed half of her journey and she needs to go back through the jungle in the dark. She may be terrified but she’s quite brave.

This episode was quite good considering not much happened in it. Susan runs through a jungle and the others wait around getting sicker.

Previous Doctor who episode – The dead planet

Upcoming TV shows of 2014

These are all the science fiction and fantasy shows coming out in 2014. A lot of them don’t have set dates or a website so I’ve only linked ot the ones that at least have IMBD pages. Quite a few of them turned out to be web series.

I’m looking forward to new ideas particuarly the steam-punk series and the vampire virus one.

After hell

A web series about an apocalyptic world where a man and a woman try to survive and find other survivors. I love Post apocalyptic stories so I can’t wait for this.

It’s out sometime in 2014 but there’s not much more information than that. They’ve got a Facebook page or you can follow them on Google plus.

Sense 8 

This is the latest original programming from Netflix. The Wachowskis are looking to change Tv the same way they did for film with the Matrix.

Eight people around the globe suddenly become interlinked telpathically and they have to hide fom people who want to kill them.


The strain

A vampire virus infects New York. Along with post apocalyptic stories I also love stories about disease.



A comedy on Geek and Sundry created by Bryan singer. Paranormal investigators set out to explore the unknown.


Hope: The last paladin

A fantasy crime web series about the last demon hunter who is being hunted by the FBI.



It premiered on Jan 10th and is a science fiction thriller about a group of scientists who travel to the arctic to prevent the spread of a disease.


Lantern city

This is a steam-punk series that is fan created and inspired. They are also asking for contributions from fans of the sub genre. They want to focus on character driven stories and it’s intended to be a saga.

You can sign up for upcoming information here.


Grid smasher

A group of aliens compete to win the greatest prize in the universe.


Starship Orion

Orion is the last of a group of sentient ships. All the other ships fell to a virus so the crew of the Orion have to save the world.



Shape-shifting reptilian aliens invade earth.



A live action science fiction web series space opera with high production values created primarily for the internet. Humans are second class citizens in a universe full of aliens.

The day of the doctor

I loved this episode even though there were a few things I couldn’t stand. I just want to get out of the way the thing I hated the most so I don’t have to talk about it again. And it’s such a small moment.

It’s Clara clicking her fingers to open the Tardis door’s. I have no words for how much this makes me dislike Steven Moffat (this is worse than River flying the Tardis and the noise it makes being because he leaves the breaks on). I might actually devote an entire post to why I hate this.

That aside this didn’t really celebrate all of doctor who only the new series. Although there was a cameo in there I loved and I haven’t even got to that part of classic doctor who yet.

David Tenant was brilliant. The jokes about him always kissing women were funny and him delivering a warning speech to a bunny he thought was a Zygon. His doctor’s my favourite but I loved them making fun of him.

The little double act Matt Smith and David tenant had going was great. They are very similar doctors. Probably because of all the energy they put into it.

We got some more insight into both versions of the doctor. The man who regrets and the man who forgets. Steven Moffat does summarise quite well (Amy Pond was the girl who waited).

And John Hurt’s doctor being confused by them and critiquing aspects of the new series. I imagine it’s what some of the older fans think. I know my friend’s dad has some issues with where the series is going.

So the parts I was looking forward to was seeing David Tenant again, Ten and Eleven interacting, John Hurt as the doctor and seeing Billie Piper again. What I was not looking forward to was the time war.

I like the idea of the time war being bigger than anything else and maybe being a bit incomprehensible to those who don’t understand time like the Time Lords do. So really I liked the time war existing in my imagination. Sparked by descriptions we hear from the doctor but never actually seeing it.

Another reason I was not looking forward to it was I’d lost all faith in Steven Moffat’s ability to tell stories in Doctor who. This was because of Season 7 mostly.

I hadn’t loved the series the same way since he took over. I think it was mostly to do with the fairy tale aspect and I just didn’t connect with it. But then Season 7 happened and he had to write introducing John Hurt as the doctor on the screen because he wasn’t able to be clear enough in the story about what was happening. Not a good sign.

He seems to take on these really big ideas and then it all goes wonky somewhere.
So I didn’t have faith that he could pull off the time war.

He solved the problem of showing this epic battle on screen by having it be no different from any other battle.

It doesn’t look unique. It could be any battle anywhere. The entire thing boiled down to Daleks firing on Gallifrey.

I won’t spoil what happens but the solution, while it is an awesome moment, takes away all sense of grand scale from the time war. What happened to all the Time Lord weapons?

The rest of it is quite clever though. I liked the time lord art that was a moment of time.
It looked beautiful at the cinema and was actually worth seeing in 3D. I don’t say that very often.

The plot with the Zygons didn’t really get a proper ending and getting Clara into the past was a bit forced. I saw what was coming a mile away. Kate Lethbridge-Stewart is always good and I liked her assistant.

Both plots reflected each other well if a bit obviously but I can’t complain seeing as how I’ve criticised Steven Moffat for writing incomprehensibly complicated plots.

I’ve got to buy it on Dvd now so I can watch all the special features. I hope there are lots because lately Dvds have been lacking in that department.

If you like the new series of doctor who then you’re going to like this but if you don’t like the new series then you’ll probably hate it.