Daredevil: Cut Man

Spoilers for the episode


Matt fails what he set out to do at the end of the last episode while Foggy and Karen get really drunk.


Matt’s in a dumpster all cut up and probably dying. A guy finds him and goes to get help. He comes back with a woman and they get him inside. She checks him over and picks up the phone to call an ambulance but Matt stops her saying they’ll kill everyone in the building if she does.

He falls off the sofa and hitting the floor causes flashback again like last episode when he fell out the window.

Matt’s a kid and watching his Dad fight on TV but he’s been paid money to loose. So when he comes home Matt’s got to stitch him up.

At the office and Foggy doesn’t realise Karen’s still there so starts singing terribly. Karen asks if he knows she’s still there. It makes me laugh every time. Karen doesn’t want to go home so they decide to go to a bar.

Matt wakes up on the sofa realising his mask is gone and she can see his face. She tells him he needs x-rays to make sure there’s no internal bleeding.

She realises he’s blind and wants to know what happened but he says the less you know about me the better. It’s a bit late for that. And I love her reaction when she gives her name, she’s called Claire, but he won’t give his. She decides to call him Mike.

Another flashback to just after the accident and he’s panicking because he can’t see and every thing’s really loud. His Dad tries to calm him down.

Back to the present and Matt’s got air in his chest that’s collapsing his lung so he can’t breathe. She saves him but then wants an explanation. He walked into a trap trying to save a kidnapped boy.

He can smell someone in the building going from door to door. Claire thinks he’s crazy and he tells her he hasn’t told her everything about himself and she points out he hasn’t told her anything. The only thing she knows is that he’s good at taking a beating which prompts another flashback.

Jack’s in the ring sparring while Matt’s learning braille. Two guys come in and and tell Jack to throw a fight they’ve just set up for him. That way he’ll have lots of money for his kid.

Back to the present and Matt wants to fight the guy searching the building with a kitchen knife but Claire covers for him. The cop leaves but doesn’t believe her so Matt drops a fire extinguisher on him from a few floors up. That should have killed him.

Karen and Foggy are at a bar. Karen doesn’t want to go back to her apartment because of the blood she can’t get out of the carpet and being attacked there. She can only see the bad everywhere now. So Foggy points out all the scary people in the bar and makes them less scary by telling her their stories. Then suggests they stay out all night.

Matt ties the guy that should be dead up on the roof and Claire is only now having doubts about attacking a police officer and trusting the man she found in the dumpster.

So now we get some reasons for why she’s trusting him and it only makes it a little better. She’s a nurse at the ER and apparently all of Daredevil’s victims and people he’s saved are coming through the emergency room. That doesn’t mean this is the same guy.

Flashback to Matt’s dad getting his uniform for the big fight. It’s red so no one can tell that you’re bleeding. Matt says Murdocks always get back up. Jack decides to not throw the fight.

Foggy and Karen turn up at Matt’s apartment and try to wake him up but only succeed in annoying the neighbors because they are drunk and really loud.

Back on the roof and the man wakes up. Claire’s now in a mask as well while Matt interrogates him. Then they start torturing him (Claire gives some helpful hints) and then threatens to throw him off the building.

He tells them what they want to know but Matt throws him off the roof anyway. I don’t think he understands how this works. He’s still alive though because if dropping a fire extinguisher on him didn’t kill him nothing will and he landed in the dumpster so it’s a bit of a soft landing. Matt tells Claire she’s got to leave because the bad guys are going to be looking for her.

Flash back to Jack winning the fight and getting murdered after wards then the police let Matt past to touch the body. That’s bad policing. Jack must really feel worthless if he thinks it’s better for his son to have some money rather than his dad.

Matt gets to where they’re holding the boy. He beats everyone up in a really good sequence. The camera stays on the hallway as the fight enters and exits rooms. A lot of the guys keep getting up and by the end Matt’s knackered.

My favourite moment is when Matt launches a microwave out of the room taking out a guy.

He finds the kid and takes him home.

Does Daredevil have healing powers? Because he was dying in a dumpster at the beginning and by the end he’s beating up a whole load of guys. I thought the radioactive waste only gave him super senses.

I’m not usually big on flashbacks but they didn’t drag the episode down as much as I thought they would. Although maybe it was one too many, especially when Matt says there’s a guy searching the building and we cut to the past. I’d rather know what’s going on in the present. That one harmed the forward momentum a bit.

They do serve a purpose though not just in revealing back story but by having Matt and Jack parallel each other. Throughout the episode Jack looses fights by taking dives but at the end he wins then gets killed because of that win. Matt starts off the episode nearly dead from underestimating his opponents. The last flashback we get is Jack winning and child Matt finding the body which leads us into Matt redeeming himself and winning his fight and taking the little boy home to his Dad.

I don’t know what to think of Claire yet. She’s got bad judgment and is probably going to be Matt’s love interest but as long as she has an actual role and reasons for being there other than love interest I’m fine with that. She’s also a bit funny. Mostly her reactions to Matt dying on her couch.

This was another great episode. The best part being that fight at the end. I could watch it all day. It feels real while still flowing in a choreographed way. I think it might be that he’s tired and has to lean against walls in between punches and the way he moves it feels like he’s really hitting them. If nothing else Daredevil probably has the best fight scenes of any TV show I’ve ever seen. I don’t know how they’re going to top this fight.

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