My 10 favourite movies of 2013

I tried to come up with a list of 20 movies but when I googled what came out last year it turns out I didn’t see as many films as I usually do at the cinema.

I’ve posted a list of the fantasy, science fiction and superhero movies out this year with the dates that they come out. I’m going to try and see most of them.Then I might be able to make a top 20 list of my favourite movies of 2014.

 This list might change if I get around to watching any other movies of 2013. But that’ll be a separate list and I’ll link to it.

10) The Croods

I love the beginning of this movie where it’s focused on Eep and her being frustrated by her family. Even the love interest is funny because he can’t escape them.

Half way through though it switches to being about the dad and that’s where I remember my attention slipping. I haven’t seen this since the cinema so I’m going from memory.

It also had aspects I didn’t like. The relationship  between the dad and the grandmother was very similar to every other relationship between husband and mother in law out there . Which is probably what they were going for but I didn’t like it. These things  are what makes it so low on the list.


9) The world’s end

The world’s end is not as good as Shaun of the dead or Hot fuzz but they are pretty hard to beat.

This has it’s funny moments and Nick Frost gets to play the straight man to Simon Pegg’s quirky loser which is usually the other way round.

I love the ending. It has a certain Shaun of the dead feel in that bad stuff happens but the world goes on regardless.

8) Monster’s university

I don’t usually like prequels to movies we’ve already seen because we’ve seen the characters move on from where they were and it feels like going backwards. Which it is.

But this does it very well. It’s obvious what’s going to happen but it doesn’t feel boring. It helps that I like these characters and you want to see more of them.

7) Frozen

This was a step in the right direction for Disney. We finally get a queen who’s not evil and it’s the relationship between the sisters that’s important.

This would be higher on my list but there are a few problems with it. The biggest is an annoying talking snowman who is utterly pointless to the story.

6) The wolverine

The wolverine beats origins but then that’s not hard. This is a good film let down by the ending which wasn’t particularly bad it just didn’t have any impact on me and had a twist that they set themselves up for failure with.

This is the wolverine that we should have got in the first spin off. It focuses on  him with only a few other mutants. The ending also ties into X-men: Days of future past with what may be my favourite cameos.

5) The conjuring

This is a horror film where you actually care about the characters because they’re not all awful people.

I do enjoy watching bad horror movies with awful characters because I like guessing when they are going to die and getting infuriated with the stupid things they do. But they are not that fun to watch by yourself. This film however is fun  to watch by yourself because you care about the characters and the story is compelling.

It made me jump quite a bit which is also quite good to have in a  horror movie.

4) Thor: The dark world

It’s better than the first Thor in a lot of ways. More Loki, funnier and fast paced.

But Jane is still boring and the most unlikely scientist ever. The villain didn’t have any impact either which is a shame considering it was Christopher Eccleston.

I’ve basically put this so high because of Loki and Thor’s double act. They were brilliant together.

3) The hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

The time passed so quickly even though it was almost three hours long.

Smaug was brilliant with so much personality. I’m not sure why I’m surprised by this considering these are the people who brought us Gollum. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman always have good chemistry and the scenes between Bilbo and Smaug are some of the best moments. Much like Bilbo and Gollum in An unexpected journey.

It has the perfect cliffhanger ending that makes me hate waiting a year.

2) Hunger games 2: Catching fire

 Jennifer Lawrence is what makes this film as good as it is. Katniss needed to be played by someone who could convey so much with just a look. You feel for her as she tries to protect her family and still do what’s right.

The love triangle is down played if it even is a love triangle. Katniss has got more important things to worry about. I like that a female character gets to have problems that aren’t about what boy she likes.


1) Iron man 3

Iron man 3 was my favourite movie of 2013. Tony Stark is my favourite marvel character so I’m quite biased.

I’ve read a lot of the graphic novels and the whole mandarin thing didn’t bother me. Which seemed to be the thing that divided people on it and made people not like it. They are creating their own universe and things will be different.

I think this is my favourite end credit scene of all the Marvel movies even though it doesn’t advance any plot in any way.

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