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Spoilers for the episode


Sam and Dean have to go back to the house where their mother died because the family that lives there now is in danger of a poltergeist.


In the Winchesters old house a Woman and her kids have just moved in. She’s crying over wedding pics and her kid comes in saying there’s a monster in the closet. So the mother puts a chair in front of the door and goes back to unpacking. There’s scurrying coming from below so she decides going down into the basement where the light has stopped working is a good idea. She finds a box with winchester pictures.

In the little girl’s bedroom she’s watching the chair in front of the closet door move and it slowly opens. It’s scary right up until the ghost catches fire and you can see it. This is when the little girl screams. She should have screamed way before that.

Sam is dreaming about the house where their mother died and the woman from the teaser is screaming and banging on the windows. He doesn’t recognise the house until he draws the tree form the dream and matches it to a picture. Dean swore he would never go back to the house but knows they have to go back. Sam confesses about his dreams of Jess dying.

They get to the house and Dean’s preparing a lie (he always wants to lie) but Sam tells her the truth that they used to live here and they want to look around. She lets them in but it’s mostly because she found their pictures and it said winchester on the back. She’s still an idiot to let them in though.

She’s getting a fresh start but the house has problems. Flickering lights, rats in the basement though she hasn’t seen them just heard them. The little girl asks if they had it in their closets too. She says it wasn’t a nightmare.

Outside and Sam’s convinced it’s a malevolent spirit. Dean recounts what he can remember and their dad’s story. They’ve got to ask around.

Dean phones their Dad and tells him where they are saying he doesn’t know what to do. That’s dean’s thing. He pretends to know what he’s doing and acts confident but it’s not usually the case.

At the house and the sink’s backed up so she leaves the plumber to it. He turns off the power and sticks his hand down the garbage disposal. This has got to be one of the biggest horror cliches. A toy monkey starts moving (another cliche) and the disposal gets switched back on destroying his hand. With how much blood pours out the bottom I’m surprised he survived. It’s horrible.

Those toy monkeys with the symbols that clap seem to be popular in a few horror movies. I think it was in the woman in black.

The brothers find out their dad used to own a garage and no one’s seen him since he disappeared years ago. They find out he went to a palm reader after their mother’s death. There are a lot in the phone book but one matches a name in the phone book. Mazuri. So they go see her and she’s one big stereotype. Mystical black person.

She knows who they are straight away and she knows about Jess and their Dad being missing.

Dean asks her where he is and she tells him off. She doesn’t seem to like him. It’s funny at first but it gets annoying by the end.

She’s the one who told their dad what was out there.

Back at the house and the woman is liable for the plumbers hand. I’m surprised he‘s still alive with the amount of blood he lost.

She leaves her son alone in his playpen for a minute and when she comes back he’s gone. The spirit has lured the kid into the fridge with the promise of juice. And she only notices because milk is leaking out under the door.

Mazuri gets them into the house by using her psychic powers to get into the woman’s head so she trusts her.

There’s lots of dark energy in the house (as if she was going to say anything else). She also says they’ve got a nasty poltergeist (as if it would be a nice one).

Dean’s using an emf and she calls him an amateur. He built the emf that’s not something to get snobby about. Just because he can’t sense evil he’s an amateur when it seems like psychic gifts aren’t learned you’re born with it.

Apparently the evil that kill their mother left wounds that are now infected. They’re going to stick stuff inside the walls to purify the house and once the spirit realises things are going to get nasty..

Dean gets attacked with knives and Sam with a lamp. They survive though but Sam doesn’t think it’s over. Of course it’s not. They’ve still got bad feeling about the house they’ve got to have some sort of resolution before moving on to the next episode.

The brothers hang around outside and see Jenny banging on the window like she did in Sam’s dream. Dean gets Jenny while Sam gets the kids past a burning figure. He tells the girl to take her brother outside as fast as she can just like the dad said to Dean in the first episode. Sam gets smashed about while Dean breaks his way back into the house.

Sam’s pinned to the wall while a burning figure approaches and it’s so obvious it’s their mother. You know what’s going to happen.

She tells the poltergeist to get out of her house and let go of Sam then she starts burning again.

Then Mazuri’s back to explain what happened. She didn’t know this was going to to happen so who’s the amateur now. Their mother destroyed herself to kill the poltergeist. Did we really need that explained? It was obvious.

Mazuri goes home and the Dad’s there. He can’t see his sons until he knows the truth. So basically he’s just being a dick to them. It also ruins the whole we’ve go to find our Dad sub plot which is the premise of the show. Now we know he’s fine.

This was way better than last episode but that’s not much of an achievement. That bar was set very low. All it had to do was not piss me off.

I like the episodes that give the brothers lots of stuff to be angsty about. And this definitely gave them that.

I don’t like Mazuri though. How she treats Dean is funny at first but it gets annoying fast. There are things he needs to be criticised for but in the end she’s just picking on him out of habit.

Supernatural is at it’s best when it focuses on the horror. This had some horror cliches and I love cliche spotting. They aren’t always a bad thing.

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