Review: Ms. Marvel #1


“The internationally-beloved, butt-kicking, smack-talking, most adorable super hero makes her triumphant return.

Look out world, Kamala Khan is back and officially an Avenger! Yup, the dream to end all dreams has happened for Kamala. She’s toe to toe with the best of the best, but will being one of Earth’s mightiest heros be everything she imagined? Is being a celebrity hero as wonderful as Kamala has hoped? Plus: WHO IS THAT WITH BRUNO??”
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Ms Marvel #1


Kamala is now an Avenger and has everything that comes with that so she’s adding avenging to an already busy life and things are going to get missed. Some of them quite big things.

For example it’s 8 months on from telling Bruno to move on and so he’s got himself a girlfriend. And that’s not her only problem that happened when she wasn’t paying attention. Developers are buying out all the local shops and gentrifying the entire place and they’re using her image to promote it. Which is something the community doesn’t like at all.

She investigates and it turns out they are not quite what they seem when their security guards have high tech weapons and security drones that target suspicious loiterers. I know she was actually causing a problem for security but I can’t help but wonder if this is a comment on racial profiling. It’s mostly the wording that gives me that impression. I tend to miss things that people don’t state outright so I’m working on catching when people imply things.

The first half of the book is about showing you where Kamala is and I love that Loki’s lightning golems are still at the school and one of them is even a crossing guard.

The second half of the book deals with how she got where she is by showing a flashback of how Bruno moved on in her absence and found a girlfriend. With a background subplot of Kamala dealing with a giant frog throughout their progressing relationship.

She may be an avenger but she’s also a teenager and not equipped to handle quite so much at once. She lashes out at Bruno when she realises he’s moved on and even body shames his girlfriend because she’s plus sized (and that’s refreshing because the rest of the female characters are skinny). What’s even better is he calls her out on it and she apologises. That’s what I love about Kamala she feels like a real person who makes mistakes but she learns from them as well. She evolves as a character.

The art inside is a little different from the cover but not enough to really stand out. This is another comic where the image doesn’t really represent what’s going on inside. Cover Kamala looks a lot more serious than her inside counterpart who is ecstatic over being an Avenger and getting into fun adventures. I like that she’s got an avengers necklace on.

This is exactly the sort of comic that was missing from my childhood. Instead of reading Spiderman, who never stopped wining and having progressively worse things happen to him as the writers tried to break him, I could have been reading something fun. Where the character evolves and grows as a person. I hope they never do to Kamala what they did to spiderman and reset her to a previous state because they want to appeal to the young people. But of course they will it’s Marvel. (side note I really liked spiderman and I’m still bitter about One More Day.) I wonder how long we can go before this gets a reboot and all the fun is sucked out.

What I’m trying to say is buy this comic it’s very good. And I think the last page had wolverine riding a sloth in the top right corner. I think I’m missing a reference but then that’s nothing new.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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Movie Review: Mad Max: Fury Road


“In a stark desert landscape where humanity is broken, two rebels just might be able to restore order: Max, a man of action and of few words, and Furiosa, a woman of action who is looking to make it back to her childhood homeland.” There’s more information about the movie at IMDB.


This movie is everything good about the post apocalyptic genre and I was really excited for it. I’ve only seen the first Mad Max so you don’t need to watch any of them to get this movie.

There aren’t a lot of narrative twists and turns. It’s pretty much what the trailers promised. Solid relentless action for two hours. It’s chaotic but you still know what’s going on and who’s attacking who. That’s usually my biggest complaint with action movies, not being able to see what’s going on or figuring out where everyone is.

The choreography of the action is amazing and imaginative and a lot of it was practical stunt work. The way the camera swings around just makes the entire thing flow beautifully.

It had me completely sucked in and caring about the characters even though there’s very little character development done through dialogue. It’s all done through the way people act and the choices they make. As it should be.

Not a lot is explained in this movie. It’s all done through the set design and costumes. It’s the little details that make the world building brilliant. How the cars are modified to be more suited for battle and that even as the war rig breaks they never stop to fix it. They fix it as they’re moving.

We’ve seen this story before and we know the character motives but it’s the action that makes it different. And the fact that the person who saves the women is a woman. Charlize Theron plays Imperator Furiosa and it’s more her story of hope and redemption than Max’s. He helps them but they don’t need as much help as you’d think.

I understand now why all the men’s rights activists hate this movie. It’s women helping women and it passes the Bechdel test. There wasn’t one of those moments when I roll my eyes and wish women had better roles in movies. Other than damsel in distress. Here You’ve got pregnant women and older women saving people and fighting for their own freedom.

There’s a sense of desperation throughout the entire movie. From the people at the beginning who worship Imorten Joe as some sort of god who brings them water to later when they realise there’s no where left to go. What’s the point in going on? Why would you want to survive? That’s what I found myself thinking half way through the movie. Everyone is struggling to stay alive but what for. What sort of future can they have? And ultimately it’s about what ever hope you manage to find has to be flexible enough that it can change with your circumstances. You have to find something to live for.

If you like post apocalyptic craziness you’ll like it or if you’re looking for a good action movie. Don’t see it in 3D though there’s no point. There’s only one moment at the end when it looks like a guitar flies out of the screen that I remembered it was meant to be in 3D.

This is going to be one of my top films of the year and it’s now one of my favourite action movies ever. I highly recommend it.

I’m going to watch it again because I know there’s stuff I missed the first time but first I’m going to watch Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome.

Also there’s this brilliant mash-up of the opening to the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Mad Max: Fury Road. It works surprisingly well.

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