A very good day

Two things happened today. One the doctor who 50th special didn’t suck, in fact it was quite good, and  two I bought the extended edition of the Hobbit from Sainsburys.

First doctor who

I saw it on Sunday so I spent Saturday staying away from social media so I didn’t ruin it for myself like I’ve ruined other things in the past (I’m always behind on stuff).

The only word I can use to describe it was awesome and I don’t use that word a lot or ever really. I won’t spoil anything in this post but Steven Moffat did as he said he would and has given Doctor who a new direction to go in. Which I am all for.

I did get a bit worried half way through because I didn’t like season 7 that much but this has got me excited for the Christmas special. Although I know what I’m going to be like with Matt Smith leaving. It took me so long to get over David Tenant and now I’m getting all nostalgic over Matt Smith and he hasn’t even gone yet.

I want to write more about it later but it was good.  My dad who knows next to nothing about Doctor who managed to follow it and he fell asleep half way through. He didn’t get any of the references but he enjoyed it.

Second the hobbit

I bought the Hobbit. I love the film but I didn’t buy the DVD because there was no point. it had no special features and I could watch it on Netflix.

The extended edition is what I’ve been waiting for. I’ve got all the Lord of the rings films extended edition and the normal films because back when I bought them DVDs still had special features (I will never get over that DVDs rarely have special features anymore).

So now I’ve got nine hours of bonus features to watch and an extended version of the film. I can’t wait till I have all the extended versions of the hobbit and I can watch the Hobbit and Lord of the rings together.