The story:

Oliver Queen is the only survivor of a shipwreck that killed his father and learns a secret that he has to put right. So he trains on his island and becomes like Tarzan. Then he gets rescued and goes all vigilante while pretending to be the same playboy as before and being mean to maintain his secret identity.


The characters in this all seem like stereotypes. The funny best friend, the dull love interest, the rebellious teenager etc. Oliver even goes through the whole thing of my mother’s sleeping with some guy oh no she’s moved on from my father. I’m probably not giving this much of a chance as it is the first episode but I’ve just watched game of thrones where the characters are so good.

Oliver is quite dull as well. You’d think he’d be more interesting what with having to survive for years by himself and now having to readjust to a normal life and all the people who’ve moved on but he just comes across as blank.

I think they should have spent more time on characterisations than the cool action sequences in the first half because I didn’t find it compelling.  But then again pilots rarely pull me in.

By  the end of the episode though Oliver does have something resembling a personality. I think this might be because he has proper interactions with the other characters instead of them tiptoeing around him. His sister tells him off for treating her like a child and reminds him he was dead. He stops being perfect and becomes a person. A person that makes stupid decisions like pushing the love interest away because he’s got bad guys to stop.

I hate secret identities. They may be necessary, especially in this case because he’s going around killing people, but they don’t half irritate me. Especially when the person decides to act like an idiot to the people around him so they don’t suspect.

I can see Oliver going that way. Acting like an idiot then being conflicted about being mean to people. I have a solution don’t be mean to people.

The action is quite good. I like all the jumping and the fighting. But is Oliver bullet proof or does he move faster than bullets because I don’t believe he would have survived half of that.

He also needs to stick that hood to his head or something because a strong gust of wind and his identity’s not secret anymore.

I like that the bad guy has one run in with Oliver  and then goes overkill with his security. He’s not your greatest foe yet. He’s just some guy who attacked you in an unsecure location and beat a few of your goons. What’s funny is that it turns out he was right to be this worried but didn’t have much to base it on. He does everything right and he still loses.

There were quite few plot holes but I don’t want to spoil anything. I’ll just say the ending isn’t that good if you actually think about it.

The other problem I have with it is that Oliver kills people who are just dong their jobs protecting their boss. They aren’t necessarily evil and he has no problem with killing them.

Overall it wasn’t that bad. There was quite a lot of potential with all the stuff they didn’t tell us so maybe the characters will get more interesting once we know more about them.

It was interesting visually and the fighting was really good. You believe that guy can pull it off.

It was also visually like Batman begins and I think they’ve took a lot from the movies. I’m not  a big fan of the dark knight trilogy so this show is not aimed at people like me. If you like the dark knight then this is probably going to be the tv version of that so you’ll like this.

I’d only watch this when I’ve got nothing else to watch. And I’ve only started watching because I’ve heard good things so hopefully the next episode will be better.