Daredevil: In the Blood

Spoilers for the episode


The Russians continue to try and find the man in the mask while Matt continues to cause problems for them. Claire is still in hiding and Karen continues to investigate despite Ben’s warnings of the dangers. While Fisk goes on a date and we learn why people are so scared of him.


It’s starts eight years ago in a Siberian prison with two brothers planning to escape and find a city where they can be kings. The guards have left the dead body of their cellmate for the rats so one of them makes weapons out of his rib bones. It’s very disgusting.
In Hell’s Kitchen a Russian is escaping from Matt and he gets in a car as Matt pushes a guy out a window and the body lands on the hood. The guy drives away anyway.
Then we cut to Claire sewing up Matt’s shoulder. The guy he threw off the roof in the second episode is in a coma. I’m still surprised he’s not dead. You know after having a fire extinguisher dropped on him from a few floors up, being stabbed in the eye and then thrown off a roof.
Claire’s still in hiding from the Russians so she’s living in her friend’s apartment where she’s meant to be cat sitting. But she’s allergic and only supposed to be coming in twice a day to feed the cat so she’s not having fun.
She tells Matt he needs to get body armour because a bullet’s going to slow him down a whole lot more than the armour will. There’s the reason for him to have a costume and it’s good that they mention it early on because you don’t want that to come out of nowhere. Especially if the audience is used to no costumes.
He pretty much ignores her suggestion but gives her his burner phone to put her number in so he’ll call before dropping by with a major wound that needs stitching.
He asks her if she’s ever heard of Wilson Fisk and she hasn’t. There’s no record of Wilson Fisk he can find. She questions his methods of punching his way through all the henchmen but he says apply enough pressure and someone will break.
Wesley is meeting the Russians who he’s transferred property to through a third party but they are light in payment this week. He says they can’t handle one man and the rooftop people have been talking behind the Russian’s backs. Wesley offers to help them in providing services.
Vladamir insults Wesley as he walks away and points out to his brother that telling people not to say Fisk’s name is just a strategy to make him seem more than a man. Then they decide to wake up the man Matt threw off the roof from his coma.
Elsewhere Karen and Ben are in a diner discussing what happened to her. He doesn’t believe the man in the mask saved her. He tells her to move on because loads of people are dying. He needs credible sources and she’s not credible because of her past.
She points out all his past victories, he brought down the Italian mob, and asks what happened to that man. He says he got old and less stupid.
The Russians visit the coma guy. They’ve got people watching Fisk but he’s cautious and hasn’t come out of hiding yet. Anatoly doesn’t want to loose everything they have to pride and go back to shitting in a bucket.
They drug coma guy to wake him up. They ask him what happened and he says the devil and a woman and gives an address then I assume he dies. They go to her flat and find the boy who found Matt in the dumpster.
Wesley thinks Anatoly is the more reasonable of the brothers but Fisk wants it to be handled quietly. If the brothers can’t handle Matt he’ll find another solution. They stop and he tells Wesley to stay in the car.
He goes into the Gallery and asks the woman from last episode out. I like this scene he’s not overly pushy and respects her answer when she says she’s working and can’t leave. That’s probably why she ends up saying yes. It’s just refreshing from so many stories where the man is determined to convince the woman. Fisk may be evil but at least he respects women.
At the friend’s apartment Claire is still suffering from allergies. I love that she hates the cat. It’s refreshing because so many women end up with cats in stories. There are noises outside and shapes in the window.
At the police station Foggy and Matt are bailing out an electrician who almost burned his house down. Foggy gets in a cab as Matt gets a call from Claire who’s being attacked.
He gets there after throwing his cane away and parkouring on the roofs in his street clothes. I’ve now read enough of the comics to know he’s bad at keeping his identity a secret and it looks like the TV version isn’t going to be any different.
He gets there and she’s gone so he listens. He hears her in the boot of a car and chases but he looses them.
At an auction Karen is there to see who buys the Union Allied computers. Ben turns up as she’s sketching people. He tells her to stop. Two others aren’t bidding either because they’re there to see who else is taking notes. He tells her to win something and meet him later.
At the cab company they pull Claire out of the trunk and she puts up a fight.
Matt goes back to Claire’s and finds Santino all beaten up. He feels guilty for telling them where she was but Matt says it’s not Santino’s fault it’s his. Santino saw them get into the front of a taxi.
Fisk and Vanessa are having dinner in a restaurant. It’s a little awkward and she says he doesn’t do this much. He says he’s been preoccupied for a long time and fiddles with his cuff-lings. She likes the character of Hell’s Kitchen but she didn’t grow up there.
He was sent away when he was young but he came back when he realised the city was part of him. He wants to make it better for people like her.
At the taxi company they interrogate Claire asking for Matt’s name and she gets really beat up. She’s also still calling him Mike at this point so she can’t actually give them his name.
The lights go out so the bad guys turn on the car lights. Matt starts taking them out one by one. Claire gets herself out of her bindings but a guy grabs her. Matt breaks his arm and Claire hits him with a bat. She then breaks down crying and Matt gives her a hug.
Karen meets Ben at a diner. He asks her what she bought. She got office equipment and charged her bid to the law firm.
He was there to investigate too. He told her to move on but he didn’t say he would. A lot of his sources have died because they underestimated what people in power will do to stay in power. They need to be smart so he tells her to sign the union allied papers and then gives her rules about how they are going to do this.
The brothers show up at their Taxi business to find everyone beaten up. Anatoly decides they need Fisk’s help but Vladamir isn’t too keen.
So Anatoly’s smart but not that smart because he decides to interrupt Fisk’s dinner with Vanessa to ask for his help. Even if he wasn’t a psychopath that’s not a good way to ask someone for help. It was Wesley that offered the help so just ask him.
The dinner was going well when Anatoly shows up and ruins it. Fisk rushes Vanessa out of there and tells Wesley to put Anatoly in a car.
Karen tries to explain all the office equipment to Foggy and it’s her lucky day because Foggy was complaining earlier in the episode about not having office equipment.
Matt takes Claire back to his place and patches her up. He’s feeling guilty about her getting hurt and apologises. He didn’t want to put anyone else at risk but she says it was her choice to pull him from the dumpster.
She wants to know he has an end game but he says he’s just trying to make his city a better place. He thinks he’s not making anything any better but she says he is and references the little boy he saved at the end of the second episode. He’s saving people. She’s scared but he can do something about it. He tells her his name because after tonight she’s earned it.
Vanessa is having second thoughts after the Russian intruded. She’s not interested in gestures or whatever it was that happened at the restaurant. She’s not sure him being different is such a good thing.
He enjoyed the date but he promises not to bother her again if she doesn’t want him to. That’s better than most who seem to think they’re entitled to women. She doesn’t know how she feels and walks away.
Wesley acts all ominous in the car to Anatoly. He points out a call would have been more appropriate.
Anatoly wanted to talk to Fisk in person and put everything behind them. Fisk pulls him out of the car and kills him in a way I’ve seen them do on the walking dead. That is how gross it is. He uses the car door to decapitate him. All the while shouting about how Anatoly embarrassed him in front of Vanessa. It has quite an impact. Maybe it’s because the violence doesn’t happen all the time so it holds more weight when it does. And Fisk has been so calm throughout this episode. This is just an explosion of rage.
Fisk tells them to send the remains to his brother. Which is just mean. So it’ll start a war.


This episode was good. It advanced a lot of plot points while letting us get to know the characters better.
The end of last episode was an introduction to Fisk and this one shows us he has a vulnerable side but you don’t want to see it because it’ll probably be right before he kills you.
I liked his date with Vanessa because she’s not an idiot and he doesn’t push her to be with him. But he’s got a really violent temper and you understand why people fear him.
I now really like Claire. She hates cats and isn’t a victim. She makes it clear to Matt that this was her choice to help him and she understands the consequences.
It’s interesting that Matt and Fisk are both trying to help the city but going about it in different ways. Matt’s trying to help the people not be murdered and abused but I’m not sure how Fisk is helping. I think he’s seeing the bigger picture and not caring about all the little people. He’s got some big plan but we don’t know what it entails. It’s probably to get him more power because that’s what this episode was about. There’s lots of talk of power and how you keep it. The Russians don’t want to loose it while Fisk is only concerned about gaining more.
I like that Karen is now being taught by Ben how to investigate and he lays out how dangerous it is to challenge the powerful. The stakes are getting raised.
Matt questions if he is helping and I think we needed that scene because when you’re in that morally gray area of beating people up who are hurting others you need to question what you‘re doing. Otherwise you can step over the line really easily when you act as judge, jury and executioner. The power goes to your head.
Fisk doesn’t flinch at dealing out death. And as much as I question if the people Matt hurts would actually survive, he’s not actually killed anyone yet. Feeling bad is good. It means you’re on the right side. Matt’s still got empathy for other people and that’s why he’s doing it for the people not for more power.
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Daredevil: Rabbit in a Snowstorm

Spoilers for the episode


Matt decides to take the case of a murderer so he can get closer to the Kingpin while Karen continues investigating Union Allied.


At a bowling alley a guy wants to play a game but the lady who works there tells him they’re closed and the other guy that’s playing worked it out with the owner. He takes out the other guy’s bodyguards but then his gun jams and we get a flashback to how he got the gun.

He got the gun from the slave trader guy from the first episode so we know he’s connected to all the other people on the roof and the Kingpin.

The two face off and the bowling guy gets his face smashed in with a bowling ball. It’s gruesome.

The police show up and the guy surrenders to them.

Matt’s back at the church and the priest recognises him as Jack Murdock’s kid. Matt goes to leave but the priest reminds him everything he says in the confessional is confidential. If Matt killed someone the priest couldn’t tell. Then he tries to convince him to stay and have a coffee but Matt’s got to go.

Ben Ulrich meets with a guy who used to be someone back in the good old days. He says Ulrich’s got to give information first then maybe he’ll give information. He reminisces about the good old days and how there used to be rules but not anymore. They talk about the Russians and how something’s happening. But the guy decides he’s moving to Florida because it’s all too dangerous.

At the office Foggy’s regretting drinking so much and Karen’s decided it’s time to get paid. I love that she just decides it without them officially hiring her or anything.

Matt comes in all beat up and they think he should get a dog.

A client knocks on the door. It’s the guy who blackmailed the cop to kill Karen in her cell. He’s called Wesley.

He wants to put them on retainer so Foggy gets excited but Matt’s suspicious. The man refuses to give his name and he’s mean to Karen. They agree to go see the bowling guy and hear him out. I love this scene because Foggy is trying so hard not to insult the guy and Matt is being really blunt.

Wesley leaves and Matt thinks they can’t trust him because he didn’t even give his name. Foggy thinks Matt wouldn’t care if he could see the number of zeros on the check but Matt thinks he would care if he couldn’t.

Matt follows Wesley to his car and is late to the police station where Foggy has realised they don’t want this guy as a client because he’s evil. Unfortunately Matt turns up and says they’re taking the case. Foggy is not happy.

Ulrich’s in his office dealing with insurance people when his editor comes to talk to him. He’s got a story about something happening with organised crime and how there’s new player but his boss says that won’t sell papers. Ben’s upset because they used to write the news not fluff pieces. The editor says he’ll see what he can do about the insurance.

Matt tries to get the client to tell them about the man who hired them but he won’t say anything. Healy wants to go directly to trial against their advice.

Wesley goes to the bowling alley to retrieve Healy’s gun under the pinball table.

Back at the office and they’re discussing the case. Foggy’s upset that Matt decided to take the case without consulting him. He apologises and tells Foggy he’s right they need to take cases. They discuss how to handle the case then wonder where Karen is.

Union allied are getting Karen to sign paperwork to say she’ll keep quiet about everything. If she doesn’t they will pursue legal action against her because when she joined union allied she signed a non disclosure agreement and if she went to the police it would be fine but she took the files to a newspaper.

Ben’s at the hospital trying to get his wife the best care on his limited finances. The insurance is running out and he’s desperate. He goes to visit her but she doesn’t wake up

Matt and Foggy are trying to do research but they’ve got crappy wi-fi so it’s holding them back.

This scene’s a bit interesting because Matt has his glasses off when alone with Foggy but when Karen comes in he puts them back on.

In the first episode in his apartment he took them off when he let her ask her questions but put them on again when he started asking the questions. I’m guessing he’s self conscious about his eyes and he’s comfortable around Foggy but he could also be using it to show that he’s being honest with someone.

I don’t know any blind people so I don’t know if they all wear glasses (I doubt it because there’s no group where everyone acts the same) or how many reasons people have to wear them. But it’s interesting seeing how Matt uses it.

They go to trial. Foggy gives the opening statement about how it’s not on them to prove their client was justified in defending his life but on the prosecution to prove he wasn’t.

While Matt realises there’s something wrong with one of the jurors and the guy who hired them turns up.

Later, on the street the woman from the jury is approached by a man who’s blackmailing her. As soon as she’s gone Daredevil swoops in and beats up the guy for information. He doesn’t know who hired him because he never meets them. Matt tells him to tell her to give personal reasons to get off the jury.

The juror gets excused and Matt gives a very good closing statement. Good and evil have no place in the courtroom only facts. The fact is his client killed the man and that isn’t in doubt. What they’ve got to decide is his intent.

Wesley is in a car talking to a man named Leland about his motives. They decided not to kill Healy to clean up the mess because that’s what they’ve been doing with everyone and they are leaving a trail of bodies. So he hired Nelson and Murdock because they’re clean and new and no one would suspect them.

Leland wants to know where the boss is and why he isn’t dealing with the situation. Wesley says he’s finding art for his apartment. I love how much Wesley seems to despise Leland.

Karen goes to visit Daniel’s family (that’s the guy she was framed for killing). The wife told Daniel he had a responsibility to do what’s right but now she’s got kids to look after so she signed the union allied papers and took the money.

Karen visits Ben Ulrich because he wrote the story about Union Allied and she says there’s more to the story.

At the court and the jury is hung because another juror got blackmailed. The DA won’t retry so the bowling guy is going to go free. I don’t know a lot about the law (especially the specifics of American law) but I think it’s because the DA is corrupt.

Healy walks and Matt attacks him. They’re pretty evenly matched but Matt gets him on the ground and starts stabbing him a with a piece of glass.

The guy who hired them works for Wilson Fisk. Healy then kills himself because giving up Fisk’s name means you and your family are dead. He impales his own head on a spike and it’s so gross. I wasn’t prepared the first time but now I look away when it happens.

Fisk is at an art gallery looking at a picture. A woman comes over and talks about how all that matters is how the art makes you feel. Fisk says it makes him feel alone.

I like this episode better than the last one probably because it’s driving the plot forward and I find all the layer talk interesting. It’s a bit hard to follow when you’re not familiar with any of it but it’s nothing I can’t look up.

The fight between Matt and Healy is good and it’s not clear cut that Matt will win. I like that they’re sticking to winning a fight is hard and you have to earn it. After all he’s still relatively new to this and it ups the stakes. Especially after last episode where you see the consequences of him loosing.

We finally get to see Fisk who is only stood in an art gallery but just as imposing as he needs to be. It’s the build up of the last three episodes paying off. No one being allowed to say his name and everyone being terrified.

I think the most effective thing was having a guy as confident as Healy being terrified of him. He’ll kill someone, he’s not afraid of the charges against him or prison or a guy that just starts attacking him but he gives up the Kingpin’s name and he breaks down crying before committing suicide.

It’s also interesting that the last word of the episode is ‘alone’ because that’s what everyone has been this episode. Matt and Foggy were at odds over taking Healy’s case and Matt as Daredevil is alone. Karen is investigating alone even if she reaches out at the end of the episode to Ben who’s also alone in trying write to the news. Everyone is soldiering on by themselves when maybe they could all do with a little help.

I think Rabbit in a snowstorm refers to Fisk because he’s invisible. No one being allowed to say his name and all that. He’s the unseen cause of the chaos that is Hell’s Kitchen.

Matt’s fighting the low level thugs but he’ll never get to the root of the problem because Fisk’s invisible. Maybe that’s another metaphor as well. The only person who can see Fisk is the blind guy. Because there are other ways to see. You might not be able to see a rabbit in a snowstorm but I bet you could still smell it and while a regular person wouldn’t be able to hear it I bet Matt could. It’s like the line earlier in the episode about seeing the numbers on the check. Because Matt can’t he notices other things.

I apologise in advance for any errors in trying to summarise the legal talk because while I find it interesting I’m probably getting it all wrong in summary.

Also apologies for anything I get wrong or assume about blind people.

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Daredevil: Cut Man

Spoilers for the episode


Matt fails what he set out to do at the end of the last episode while Foggy and Karen get really drunk.


Matt’s in a dumpster all cut up and probably dying. A guy finds him and goes to get help. He comes back with a woman and they get him inside. She checks him over and picks up the phone to call an ambulance but Matt stops her saying they’ll kill everyone in the building if she does.

He falls off the sofa and hitting the floor causes flashback again like last episode when he fell out the window.

Matt’s a kid and watching his Dad fight on TV but he’s been paid money to loose. So when he comes home Matt’s got to stitch him up.

At the office and Foggy doesn’t realise Karen’s still there so starts singing terribly. Karen asks if he knows she’s still there. It makes me laugh every time. Karen doesn’t want to go home so they decide to go to a bar.

Matt wakes up on the sofa realising his mask is gone and she can see his face. She tells him he needs x-rays to make sure there’s no internal bleeding.

She realises he’s blind and wants to know what happened but he says the less you know about me the better. It’s a bit late for that. And I love her reaction when she gives her name, she’s called Claire, but he won’t give his. She decides to call him Mike.

Another flashback to just after the accident and he’s panicking because he can’t see and every thing’s really loud. His Dad tries to calm him down.

Back to the present and Matt’s got air in his chest that’s collapsing his lung so he can’t breathe. She saves him but then wants an explanation. He walked into a trap trying to save a kidnapped boy.

He can smell someone in the building going from door to door. Claire thinks he’s crazy and he tells her he hasn’t told her everything about himself and she points out he hasn’t told her anything. The only thing she knows is that he’s good at taking a beating which prompts another flashback.

Jack’s in the ring sparring while Matt’s learning braille. Two guys come in and and tell Jack to throw a fight they’ve just set up for him. That way he’ll have lots of money for his kid.

Back to the present and Matt wants to fight the guy searching the building with a kitchen knife but Claire covers for him. The cop leaves but doesn’t believe her so Matt drops a fire extinguisher on him from a few floors up. That should have killed him.

Karen and Foggy are at a bar. Karen doesn’t want to go back to her apartment because of the blood she can’t get out of the carpet and being attacked there. She can only see the bad everywhere now. So Foggy points out all the scary people in the bar and makes them less scary by telling her their stories. Then suggests they stay out all night.

Matt ties the guy that should be dead up on the roof and Claire is only now having doubts about attacking a police officer and trusting the man she found in the dumpster.

So now we get some reasons for why she’s trusting him and it only makes it a little better. She’s a nurse at the ER and apparently all of Daredevil’s victims and people he’s saved are coming through the emergency room. That doesn’t mean this is the same guy.

Flashback to Matt’s dad getting his uniform for the big fight. It’s red so no one can tell that you’re bleeding. Matt says Murdocks always get back up. Jack decides to not throw the fight.

Foggy and Karen turn up at Matt’s apartment and try to wake him up but only succeed in annoying the neighbors because they are drunk and really loud.

Back on the roof and the man wakes up. Claire’s now in a mask as well while Matt interrogates him. Then they start torturing him (Claire gives some helpful hints) and then threatens to throw him off the building.

He tells them what they want to know but Matt throws him off the roof anyway. I don’t think he understands how this works. He’s still alive though because if dropping a fire extinguisher on him didn’t kill him nothing will and he landed in the dumpster so it’s a bit of a soft landing. Matt tells Claire she’s got to leave because the bad guys are going to be looking for her.

Flash back to Jack winning the fight and getting murdered after wards then the police let Matt past to touch the body. That’s bad policing. Jack must really feel worthless if he thinks it’s better for his son to have some money rather than his dad.

Matt gets to where they’re holding the boy. He beats everyone up in a really good sequence. The camera stays on the hallway as the fight enters and exits rooms. A lot of the guys keep getting up and by the end Matt’s knackered.

My favourite moment is when Matt launches a microwave out of the room taking out a guy.

He finds the kid and takes him home.

Does Daredevil have healing powers? Because he was dying in a dumpster at the beginning and by the end he’s beating up a whole load of guys. I thought the radioactive waste only gave him super senses.

I’m not usually big on flashbacks but they didn’t drag the episode down as much as I thought they would. Although maybe it was one too many, especially when Matt says there’s a guy searching the building and we cut to the past. I’d rather know what’s going on in the present. That one harmed the forward momentum a bit.

They do serve a purpose though not just in revealing back story but by having Matt and Jack parallel each other. Throughout the episode Jack looses fights by taking dives but at the end he wins then gets killed because of that win. Matt starts off the episode nearly dead from underestimating his opponents. The last flashback we get is Jack winning and child Matt finding the body which leads us into Matt redeeming himself and winning his fight and taking the little boy home to his Dad.

I don’t know what to think of Claire yet. She’s got bad judgment and is probably going to be Matt’s love interest but as long as she has an actual role and reasons for being there other than love interest I’m fine with that. She’s also a bit funny. Mostly her reactions to Matt dying on her couch.

This was another great episode. The best part being that fight at the end. I could watch it all day. It feels real while still flowing in a choreographed way. I think it might be that he’s tired and has to lean against walls in between punches and the way he moves it feels like he’s really hitting them. If nothing else Daredevil probably has the best fight scenes of any TV show I’ve ever seen. I don’t know how they’re going to top this fight.

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Daredevil: Into the Ring

Spoilers for the episode


A woman wakes up covered in blood next to a dead body just as the police storm in while Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson have just set up their new law practice and are looking for innocent people to defend.


The show starts with the car accident that caused Matt Murdock to become blind and get super human senses.

He pushed a man out of the way and hazardous chemicals that are probably radioactive (it’s always radiation with super heroes) get in his eyes. His father finds him and he shouts for someone to help while Matt screams about his eyes. The last thing he sees is his father’s face and the sky. It’s an effective scene and they just about manage to keep it form being too over the top.

Then we cut to Matt in confession talking about his dad and grandmother. She used to say the Murdock boys have got the devil in them.

This scene goes on for a bit too long but eventually we get to the point that he’s not seeking penance he wants forgiveness for something he hasn’t done yet. The priest says it doesn’t work that way but really what’s the difference if someone’s going to get away with doing bad stuff anyway.

It’s nighttime and some guys are kidnapping some woman who they’re going to get money for so they’re human traffickers.

Daredevil comes to save them and it’s a really good fight. Daredevil’s costume is ordinary black clothes with the top half of his face covered. It looks like something he’d be able to make himself.

He defeats them and once the women are gone he takes is anger out on one of the guy’s face.

The next Day and Matt is woken up by Foggy on the phone. He’s going to bribe a cop to tell him if there’s any unusual cases so I’m guessing this is going to be their version of the newspaper in supernatural as a plot device.

They’re starting their own law practice so they need an office. The woman trying to sell the office is hilariously awkward around Matt. She talks about the view and offers her hand for him to shake and ends up curtsying.

Foggy and Matt start arguing over which cases they should take. Matt wants to only help the innocent but Foggy’s more practical because they’ve got to actually pay for the building. This scene is a bit forced and feels like a bit of an info dump for the audience.

A woman wakes up next to a body. She’s holding a knife and is covered in blood so she gets arrested when the cops storm in.

The cop from earlier calls Foggy and they go represent her. She’s a bit skeptical of them and it doesn’t get better when they tell her they’ve only been practising law for 7 hours.

It turns out she’s got no money so Foggy doesn’t want to represent her anymore. Matt wants to stay though and help because he thinks she’s innocent. He used his super hearing to listen to her heartbeat so he knows she’s not lying.

In a park a guy on a bench is approached by second guy with a tablet who threatens his daughter if he doesn’t do as he’s told.

Back in the offices and Foggy wants to cut Karen a deal but she’ll see jail time. Matt wants to go to trial because there’s something off about the case. They should have already charged her with the amount of evidence they have. Foggy thinks Matt only wants to help because she’s a beautiful woman and it’s strange that Matt can always tell.

The guy form the bench tries to kill Karen in her cell but she manages to fight him off.

They get Karen out of prison but Matt makes an enemy in the process. You know he’s going to be one of the bad guys because he’s fine with hitting a blind man.

They take her back to the office. She got an email she shouldn’t have opened so she contacted a guy in the legal department but they were both drugged and she woke up to him dead. He had a son and she feels guilty. She can’t get them hurt as well so she tries to leave.

Matt takes her back to his house. She asks him questions about being blind and how he combs his hair. He wants to know why they didn’t kill her when she was drugged. They must want something from her but she says she didn’t keep the pension file.

A lot of bad guys are meeting on a rooftop somewhere. The guy from the bench turns up and the human traffickers report that a man in black took out their guys. The others are skeptical.

It turns out these guys have been profiting from all the super hero damage and taking advantage to build their evil empires.

Back at Matt’s apartment and Karen waits till Matt is asleep to sneaks out and go back to the crime scene. She gets the file and gets attacked but luckily Daredevil turns up to save her.

They both go out the window and the impact with the ground makes Daredevil have a flashback to when he was nine. His father wanted him to study so he didn’t end up like him.

The fight carries on in the rain until daredevil wins. It’s another really good fight showing that Matt is just human and he can get hurt. He’s only got super powered senses.

Karen’s stood watching. And the rain makes the fight look realy dramamtic but all I can think about Is how they are both going to get colds stood out there like that.

Matt’s going to give the evidence to the police but Karen says they can’t be trusted so they’re going to tell everyone by giving it to the news paper.

Then we cut to the guy who threatened the guy from bench who is talking to his boss summing everything up. The guy who tried to kill Karen is dead and they’re going to leave her alone because she knows nothing else but they’re going to keep an eye on the lawyers.

Then we get a montage of all the illegal stuff the guys form the rooftop meeting are doing while Matt’s at the gym working out. It’s effective but it makes me think that he could be out there stopping some of this stuff instead of training.

Then we end with him on a roof (I have a feeling roofs are going to be featured heavily) listening to a little boy being kidnapped.

This is a really good first episode. I’ve never read the Daredevil comics but I’m familiar enough with the character that I know the basics of his origin story and powers. I think if you knew nothing at all about the character you wouldn’t be that lost because this starts right at the beginning. He doesn’t have a proper costume and the villains don’t know who he is.

The fight scenes are the best parts of the episode. Daredevil is competent but still in danger. Guns are a problem for him and he has to be strategic about fighting.

He does have a secret identity though. Neither Foggy nor Karen have found out by the end of the episode so I hope they find out sooner rather than later. I’m not keen on secret identities unless it’s to people the hero doesn’t know. Otherwise it’s just annoying.

Karen turns out to be not as much of a damsel in distress as much as I thought she was going to be. She fights off the officer who tries to kill her and she takes action to try to not get any one else killed. She needs Daredevil to save her at the end but I’m hoping this won’t be a thing that happens all the time. I hope she’s not there just to be saved.

I’m not sure how connected this is to the marvel cinematic universe. They mention other heroes punching people through buildings and the incident but there aren’t many other references. It’s not like Agents of Shield that relied heavily on the connection to the films in it’s first season. Daredevil stands on it’s own.

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