Being Awful

When you’re learning something new, usually a physical skill, there’s that point before you know enough to get frustrated that you can’t do it. Where you’re so bad it’s really funny.

That’s where I’m at the moment with kickboxing. I haven’t done it in eight years and I lack almost all the muscles needed but it’s fun.

Being awful is fun. And kind of freeing. Or at least it is when you know you’re awful and you’re able to laugh at yourself.

I spend most of the lesson laughing at myself. From trying to do push ups to stumbling about as I try to lift a 15kg bag over my head.

I remember how to do the kicks and stuff but it’s a bit of a case of the mind is willing but the body is unable. That’ll probably change in a few months. I’ll be strong enough and it’ll come down to skill not strength. Then it might get frustrating if I can’t do something.

But for now I’m having fun failing at keeping up with everyone else.