Thor: the dark world

The best part of the film is Loki and that’s not saying this film is bad. It’s better than the first one. I’m likely to buy this one on dvd where as I would only buy the first one as part of some sort of Avengers collection.

Tom Hiddleston is brilliant as he was in the Avengers. He makes Loki sympathetic and likable where he could easily be just the standard villain.

In the first Thor movie I was more on Loki’s side than I was Thor’s. At least until the end. I like Thor better now. But that was probably because of the Avengers.

I know that was Thor’s character arch in the first movie. Going from arrogant thuggish prince to a more humble prince who actually thinks before he acts. But that doesn’t mean I have to like him.

I like that we get to see more of Asguard and some of the other realms. I know we were told we’d get to see all nine and some people are annoyed that we didn’t but I’m not one of them. I don’t really know a lot about Thor because I didn’t read his comics so I’m happy with what we got.

The actors all know what they’re doing at this point. Thor and Loki are hilarious together and there’s a funny little cameo I liked even though I don’t like the character. I love the cameos and references to the other films. It’s what makes these films unique to anything else going on.

There are two end credit sequences. One half way through and the other at the end.

I didn’t realise that Christopher Eccleston played Maleketh.  At one point I think I read it but by the time I’d seen the film I’d completely forgotten. And I didn’t recognise him either due to the heavy make up. And he only spoke in subtitles.

I think I missed half of what he said. Those subtitles either went by quicker than normal or I need glasses. Or I wasn’t paying enough attention, it could be any of those options.

The down side is the villain is a bit forgettable and Christopher Eccleston is wasted. I can’t remember what his plan was other than destroy Asguard. It’s all very vague.

Jane Foster was kind of boring but I’m glad she got into trouble on her own merit instead of it being something Thor did. And I’m glad it didn’t become a love triangle between her Thor and Sif. I hate love triangles.

Considering the other females characters in the marvel movies, like Black Widow and Pepper Potts, Jane falls short. She doesn’t have much personality.

There was some criticism of the science talk and that it didn’t make sense but I can’t say I noticed. I don’t expect these movies to make complete sense. I expect to be entertained and as long as there’s some sort of explanation given I’m happy. After all  it is Thor, he’s a god and there’s magic. I think there should be rules to magic but when you mix it with science it all gets very complicated.

I tend to pay attention to the characters first then the  explanations of how everything works. These films are about the characters for me and as long as they remain consistent I can look past little things wrong with the story.

Overall this was a very fun movie with a lot of good moments. The only down side is the villain and a lot going on in the first half with one too many characters. Luckily it’s all funny and none of it bad. All though you might not like what they’ve done with Erik Selvig. He’s gone a bit crazy after having Loki in his head. I find it funny but not everyone does.

But Loki and Thor more than make up for it. I’m definitely getting this on DVD when it comes out. One of the better marvel movies.