Supernatural: Hook Man

Spoilers for the episode


A woman’s judgmental nature gets the people around her killed when she accidentally summons the Hook man to kill all the sinners.


A couple stop in an isolated place at night under a bridge. They start kissing and he tries to go further than she wants him to but he doesn’t listen. Luckily they are interrupted by the monster of the week dragging his hook across a sign.

The boy gets out to have a look because he’s a moron. She’s not at this point (later she is). So she locks the doors but after hearing noises on the roof decides to get out and run but turns around to find the boy suspended. She screams a very cliched scream with arm raising just to throw them down again.

Dean’s teasing Sam about his fancy drink and I love his reply of bite me. They start to have yet another conversation about how their Dad doesn’t want to be found when Dean derails it with the plot device of the newspaper. They think the monster might be the invisible man.

They show up at the fraternity of the dead boy saying they’re transfers to get information and get pointed to Lori who’s the Reverend’s daughter.

The reverend’s giving a sermon and he’s thanking the dead boy because he believes he was trying to protect his daughter when he died, not one step away from sexually assaulting her. Shows how much your belief is worth.

The brothers approach Lori and Sam connects with her over dead loved ones. She thinks the police blame her for not having anything to go on. She tells them the boy was suspended upside down so they think it’s the Hook man legend.

So it’s off to the library to do research. He was a man who preached against sins and believed people should be punished. He got arrested for his crimes.

At Lori’s sorority house and she’s arguing with the reverend. He’s worried because there are a lot of girls in her sorority and she might drink alcohol. I’d be more worried she’d get murdered if she was by herself.

She goes up to her room and the music and the camera tell you some thing’s going to happen.

The brothers go to the road where everything happened and they’ve got a shotgun loaded with rock salt which is Dean’s idea. Unfortunately the sheriff catches them.

Lori wakes up to find her roommate dead and a message on the wall reading ‘aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light’.

At the police station and Dean has managed to convince the sheriff that Sam is a pledge and it was a hazing. Although the sheriff’s got to be bad at his job because Sam doesn’t know what Dean’s told him so he can’t have talked to Sam. So the sheriff’s just let go two men he found at the crime scene with a shot gun.

The police get the news about Lori’s roommate’s death and the brothers follow. They sneak into the house by climbing in a window with the police out front. How don’t they get seen?

They think the hook man isn’t haunting the place because murders are happening in different places so it’s about something else.

The message is classic hook man and the symbol. Dean thinks Lori’s got something to do with it.

At a party and they think it’s either the reverend is summoning it or it’s latched onto his emotions. Dean regretfully leaves the party to go find the body.

Sam goes to Lori’s house and witnesses them fighting before she spots him outside and goes out to talk to him. She makes a joke about calling the police which is what she should be doing because she doesn’t know him and she thinks there’s a killer on the loose. She thinks she’s cursed because people around her keep dying. Her mother’s dead as well but I don’t think that was the hook man.

In the cemetery Dean salts and burns the corpse. All the rustling in the trees goes no where.

While Lori’s doing some more whining at Sam which is fair enough because bad stuff is happening to her but he’s a stranger.

The Police think she’s a suspect and her father’s having an affair with a married woman. He taught her right and wrong and to believe and now he’s doing wrong. She decides this is a good moment to kiss Sam. Her father tells her to come in but the hook man gets him from behind and drags him into the house. Sam pursues with the rock salt gun and saves the reverend.

At the hospital the sheriff interviews Sam and tells him to stop getting into trouble. You’re not meant to be giving him advice you should be arresting him or at least interrogating him.

Dean turns up at the hospital and they think hook man is latched onto Lori because she preaches morality a lot and believes if you do bad you get punished.

They figure out the hook hasn’t been destroyed because that wasn’t in the grave when Dean burned the body. It was reforged so they go to the church and the reverend’s house and burn all the silver.

Lori shows up and blames herself for everyone dying because she had bad thoughts about them and she thinks it’s an avenging angel. Which makes the hook man come after her because she needs to be punished.

A chase around the church follows. Including a funny moment when Sam opens a door and there’s the hook man so he tries to close it but that doesn’t work.

Sam gets injured and Dean saves them because he’s finished burning all the silver. They notice Lori’s necklace and Dean takes it to burn while Sam protects Lori.

Hook man disappears just as he’s about to kill them.

The sheriff doesn’t really believe the story but they’re sticking to it and he goes to warn Dean about causing trouble but Dean says they’re leaving. I wonder if he has a list of the places he can’t go back to or a list of Sheriffs that should have arrested them but didn’t.

Then we get the little epilogue where Lori thanks Sam. Dean says they could stay but Sam shakes his head.

It’s a good message on not judging people if you don’t want them to be murdered horribly. The hook man is kind of scary in that he can appear anywhere and rock salt only stops him for a second. He’s relentless.

The best part of the episode is the bickering between the brothers at the beginning and then when they sneak into the sorority house. It makes the exposition less boring.

The rest of the episode is only made watchable because of them. I’d forgotten how formulaic the early episodes were but that might not change because I can’t remember the later episodes much either.

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