Supernatural: Shadow

Spoilers for the episode


Sam runs into a friend who he doesn’t know is evil while investigating some suspicious murders that turn out to be connected to the demon who killed their mother.


A woman walks down the street at night as the music she’s listening to stops and a creepy wind starts talking to her. She walks faster and a shadow follows her. She runs and gets inside her apartment and activates her security system. She thinks she’s safe but the shadow has followed her inside and it kills her shadow.
A week later and the Winchesters have turned up. Dean doesn’t like the costumes they’re wearing and uses this to mock Sam who was in a play.
They’re pretending to be with the alarm company and talk to the land lady. The woman was in pieces on the floor and the landlady thinks a wild animal did it. She leaves them to it.
They get out the emf and they’ve found out her heart was missing. Dean looks at the blood stain on the floor and decides to play connect the dots with masking tape. Neither of them have ever seen that symbol before. So basically Dean’s made his own symbol and they are taking that as a clue. Maybe they should play with blood at other crime scenes.
At a bar Dean flirts with the bartender to get information and her phone number. Sam can’t find any information on the symbol. They’ve found another victim but no other connection.
Sam spots Meg across the bar and goes over. He asks how California went but she’s living here now. Dean makes it awkward and Meg yells at him for how he treats Sam. Dean goes to get a drink. Sam defends Dean by saying he means well and then he gets her phone number.
Outside Sam thinks it’s weird that he’s seen her again at a place where a case is happening. Dean thinks he just likes her and is reading into it. Dean wants to know if he’s keeping Sam against his will. Sam asks him to check if there’s a Meg Master.
Sam’s lurks outside Meg’s apartment when Dean calls to say she’s real. He found what the symbol is. It’s for a demon of darkness. They have to be summoned so some one is controlling them and they tend to kill the person who does. They’re really old so it takes some one who really knows what they’re doing. Dean annoys Sam about Meg until he hangs up on him.
Sam then watches Meg changing and a woman on the street judges him. At this point Sam has no evidence she’s evil so he’s just being a stalker. And he’s meant to be the nice brother who respects women.
Meg leaves and Sam follows her into an abandoned building. He get stuck and decides to climb the lift shaft to the top.
He watches Meg talking into her cup of blood that allows her to communicate with someone. She tells someone not to come because the brothers are there then blows out the candles. Does she leave this stuff out in the open?
Sam waits until she leaves and climbs into the room. The symbol from the crime scene is drawn in blood on the table.
Back at the room and they’ve both got news. Sam tells his and then Dean says both the victims are from Lawrence Kansas where they used to live. They’re going to stake out the warehouse but Dean doesn’t think they should do it alone so he calls their Dad.
Sam brings all their weapons and supplies into the room because he doesn’t know what to expect.
They both pretend not to be nervous. Sam’s being optimistic and thinking about what happens if they find the demon. He’d go back to school and be a normal person. He asks what Dean will do. He says it won’t ever be over. Dean drags Sam everywhere because he wants them to be a family again. Sam says they are a family but things won’t be like they were before and he doesn’t want them to be. He won’t live this life for ever. That shows what he knows. He’s got ten more years of this.
They go back to the warehouse and climb the lift and find Meg chanting. How did they get up there without making any noise. When Sam climbed it earlier he made quite a bit of noise and now there’s two of them.
They sneak around the back without her stopping but she knows they’re there and tells them to come out. The shadow monster’s around and as she reveals she was waiting for them it attacks.
They get tied up and Sam states the obvious that the whole thing was a trap. Dean wants to know why she hasn’t killed them. The trap is for their Dad because they are just a liability. Dean has a lot of confidence in their Dad and says he wouldn’t walk into a trap. Or his low self esteem is kicking in and he doesn’t think his Dad will save him.
Meg acknowledges that he’s good but they are his weakness and she knows he’s in town. The Daeva aren’t actually shadows they’re invisible and it’s only the shadows you can see. That makes them a bit less interesting.
She tells Sam she liked him watching her change. Then she takes Dean’s knife away and goes back to Sam.
She accuses him of distracting her so Dean could cut his way free but he’s got his own knife. He knocks her away and destroys the alter. She gets pulled out the window and falls to her death. Dean tells him to find a non evil girlfriend.
They go back to their room and find their Dad. Dean gives him a hug but Sam doesn’t. Dean apologises for it being a trap. John got there in time to see the end. He’s got a plan to kill the demon not exorcise it or send it back to hell. Sam tells him not to worry about them but he says of course he does. He acknowledges the fight he had with Sam but doesn’t apologise for any of it. Then they hug.
The Daeva attacks and Meg’s alive watching from the street.
Sam lights a flare because they’re shadow demons. They get out but they’re pretty banged up. Sam says as soon as the flare goes out they’ll be back. Which doesn’t make any sense because it’s not a shadow and has a body.
Dean tells them their Dad can’t come with them but Sam won’t listen. He wants to be part of the fight. John says the fight is only just starting but they have to let him go. That was the shortest reunion ever.
He tells them to be careful and he drives away. If that’s what he’s like when he’s attached and emotional what’s he like when he’s not attached.
Meg sees them drive away and that’s it.


This episode was quite good. I like that Sam’s immediately suspicious of Meg just showing up. He’s right they don’t have coincidence. But he’s not smart enough to think she’s competent enough to fool them.
I remembered it was a trap but I can’t remember my reaction the first time I watched it. There’s enough little twists in the episode and it goes beyond the first obvious twist so at least they’re putting some effort in. Dean and Sam playing Meg to get away but then it turns out she wanted them to get away anyway.
I’m not impressed with the Daeva. They were interesting as shadow creatures but being invisible takes away from that. I liked the idea of them having no physical form and just attacking your shadow. They might as well be hell hounds but I guess they haven’t introduced them yet so they can get away with it. I’m skeptical that a flare would scare them off. Meg said they had bodies they weren’t just shadows so how does light make them disappear. Also the beginning doesn’t make much sense now or why the blood was in that pattern.
Now I understand what John said in ‘Home’ and why he couldn’t show them he was around. They are a liability to him but they’d be less of a liability if he told them some information.
I like that they always call him sir as well. It goes back to what Sam said earlier in the season about them being raised as warriors. Their Dad is a leader first and father second.
I think Sam only wanted to go with him because he’s so focused on revenge. I guess that’ll be his arc this season to get over it.
I know Meg’s evil but Dean’s got to stop calling her sweetheart it’s really annoying. It’s patronizing and I don’t care that she’s evil. You don’t use the female part of her to insult her. It’s like having an evil character who’s black and using racial slurs against them. I don’t like how Meg is handled at all. She could be a much better villain if the writers could forget she’s female and just treat her as a character first.

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Supernatural: The Benders

Spoilers for the episode


People have been disappearing and the Winchester investigate but Sam gets captured and Dean has to join forces with the police to find him.


It’s nighttime and a boy is watching monster movies on TV. He then he looks out the window and watches a man get pulled under a car.
The next day the Winchesters show up dressed up as the state police. I wonder why they chose state police usually it’s the FBI and they’ve had to go through the hassle of getting costumes.
The boy heard a weird noise when the man got taken that sounded like a monster. His mother is skeptical because he was watching monster movies. He says he heard the monster leaving and it sounded like a whining growl.
At a bar they find out the local police haven’t ruled out foul play so Dean doesn’t think it’s their thing. But Sam says their Dad marked the area and the area has more missing persons than any where.
Sam goes outside after convincing Dean they should leave to get an early start. He hears a noise and checks under the cars only to be scared by a cat. But something’s watching his feet from under the car.
Dean leaves the bar and finds the journal on the car but no Sam. So he gets worried and starts calling for him until he spots the traffic cameras.
He goes to the police station pretending to still be state police and tells the deputy about Sam but says they’re cousins because Dean’s meant to be dead. She doesn’t get any hits on police reports but Dean asks if he can see the camera footage. She’s reluctant and wants to do it by the book which involves lots of paper work. He says Sam is his responsibility and he’s bringing him back.
Sam wakes up in cage and sees another man unconscious in the other cage.
The deputy pulls the pictures from the traffic camera. While they’re talking Dean hears a van that could have made the noise the kid heard.
Sam fails to kick his way out of the cage and the other guy wakes up. He thinks they are out in the country because it smells. Sam tells him he was looking for him and he tells Sam he’s doing a poor job of rescuing him. Sam asks what they look like assuming they’re some sort of monster but they’re just people.
Dean’s still with the deputy in her car. She ran his badge number and turns out it was stolen and the picture is of a black man. Dean’s fine with being arrested but after they find Sam. He begs her and she agrees reluctantly to wait until after they find Sam.
In the cage Sam breaks something and the door to the other man’s cage opens. The other guy runs off even though Sam tells him to get back in his cage because it was too easy and probably a trap. After the guy’s gone the door re-locks itself.
He tries to sneak his way out and he finds a knife then runs off into the woods. The men enjoy hunting him but they bring him down and kill him.
Dean and the deputy get coffee and he wants to know why she hasn’t arrested him. She knows what it’s like to feel responsible for someone. Her brother disappeared.
They pull over when Dean sees a turn off. She goes to investigate but won’t let Dean come along because he’s probably a felon so handcuffs him to her car. That’s the first smart thing she’s done since she found out he’s not an officer. She ruins it by going alone and not informing the station or asking for back up. I also don’t believe Dean would have let her handcuff him to the car. He’s pretty desperate to find Sam.
She approaches the house and a girl answers the door who’s a bit creepy. The girl’s mother is dead and her father’s not home. She gets the girl to look at a picture but gets whacked in the face with a shovel. It’s the father and he tells Missy to go tell her brothers he wants to see them.
Back at the road and Dean is trying to reach the car antenna to pick the cuffs as the brothers show up. He gets free as they take the deputy’s car.
The deputy wakes up in a cage and tells Sam she cuffed Dean to her car. Then in walks Dean who tells Sam he’s rusty if he got jumped by humans.
The deputy asks if he saw a black mustang in the cars these people have collected and Dean says yes. When they take someone they take the car. That’s a lot of evidence against themselves they’ve got gathered near their house. How have they managed to avoid the police this long?
Dean can’t figure out how to get them out so goes to look for a key. He goes into the house and finds a lot of trophy pictures. He says he understands demons but people are crazy.
He sneaks around the house and finds a man cutting meat (probably human) up.
Dean finds the key and a weapon. He also finds a jar full of teeth and bones hanging from the ceiling. Missy finds him and he’s says he’s not going to hurt her and she says I know before nailing him to the wall and calling for her dad.
The brothers come out of no where and they all start beating each other up and trashing the house (not that there’s anything nice to ruin).
Dean gets knocked out and wakes up tied to a chair. They want to hunt him and he’s disgusted with it. They interrogate him because they need to know if any one else knows about them. Dean is good with the insulting come backs but that makes the dad decide to shoot Sam and the deputy instead of hunting them.
The guy who is sent to kill them though is a moron because he opens the door to Sam’s cage to shoot him instead of doing it through the bars and Sam gets the upper hand.
The others leave Missy to watch Dean and go to find out what happened to the other brother. They lights won’t work because they’ve pulled the fuses but it’s a bit ineffective because it’s not that dark. Sam hides badly as they look for him.
The deputy opens a cupboard and they hear it. One of the brothers come over to investigate but this time he doesn’t open the door and shoots the cupboard. There’s nothing in there and she jumps him from behind. Meanwhile the dad is chasing Sam and the brother accidentally shoots his father in the confusion.
They put them in the cages except the dad who the deputy watches while Sam goes to find Dean. She wants to know why he did it and he says because it’s fun and laughs so she shoots him.
Outside she tells them she shot the dad when he tried to escape. They’ve locked the girl in the closet. I wish we could have seen that confrontation because she’s been quite entertaining.
The deputy calls for back up finally and tells them to get moving. Dean asks for a lift but she tells them to start walking. I don’t believe she’d let them go. It’s not like when they help people with a supernatural problem. She doesn’t know their secret and they’re criminals but she has shown quite poor judgment up to this point so who knows.
She thought the truth about what happened to her brother would make it easier but it doesn’t.
Dean tells Sam he’s never allowed to go missing again and he’s not looking for him if he does. Sam then teases him about being sidelined by a thirteen year old girl.


I really liked this episode which is odd because it had no monster or anything supernatural. And I’m not usually keen on the whole humans are the real evil trope. It has to be done well to keep my attention. This reminded me a lot of the Torchwood episode ‘Countrycide’ but less disgusting and less forceful with it’s message.
This was more subtle in it’s creepiness. From the jar of teeth to the pictures and wind chimes made out of human bones.
I think I liked it so much because it doesn’t follow the formula that’s become a supernatural episode. It’s refreshing. There’s not a lot of traveling and asking different people I don’t care about questions.
Dean is a bit angsty but he does it better than Sam who always comes off whiny. For some reason I find it hard to sympathise with Sam. Maybe it’s because Sam seems to whine just to whine but with Dean it feels like character development. It’s moving the plot forward. He uses his angst to connect with the deputy and convince her to let him help. But I’m biased in favour of Dean so I might not be remembering previous Sam whining sessions accurately.
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Supernatural: Nightmare

Spoilers for the episode


Sam gets visions of a guy being murdered so they rush off to try and save him but don’t make it in time and can’t figure out what’s going on.


A man comes home in his car and the garage closes by itself then the car doors lock and the engine starts. The man tries to get out of the car as it fills with fumes but he dies instead. Cut to somewhere else and Sam waking up from witnessing it in his nightmare.
He wakes Dean up and tells him they’ve got to go.
In the car Sam runs the license plate by pretending to be the police. They’ve got a couple of hours until they get there.
They pull up at the house. The guy’s dead and the police are bagging him up. A crowd has gathered to watch and the brothers ask a lady about the dead guy.
It seems very rude to gather outside your neighbours house when something bad has just happened. I remember when the police got called next door and we didn’t go out we just peeked through the curtains. But in TV and movies a crowd always gathers.
Sam feels guilty and wonders why he gets premonitions if he can’t stop things from happening. Dean thinks it was suicide but Sam says it was murder.
In the morning they go to the house dressed as priests. The brother doesn’t want to hear Dean’s spiel about religion but the wife is more receptive. Sam tells Dean to tone down the god stuff.
The son Max found his dad dead in the garage so Sam goes to talk to him. While Dean tries to get information about the house asking about strange noises and and other things but she says nothing like that happens.
We learn Max is trying to save up for school and he says he woke up when he heard the car running.
Upstairs Dean gets out the emf and now it’s got green lasers and blue lights so I guess he’s upgraded it.
Back at the motel and Dean’s cleaning his guns. Nothing bad happened in the house. He used an infra red scanner (I’m guessing that’s what the lights were).
Sam gets a bad headache and has another vision. The uncle comes home to find his window open so he shuts it and locks it. But it opens again. This time it won’t close so he sticks his head out (being the genius that he is) and it chops his head off.
They drive to the uncle’s house. Sam’s scared about the visions because he’s now having them while he’s awake. Dean says they’ll figure it out.
They see Roger (the uncle) on the street but he runs away from them thinking they’re trying to push god on him.
They go round the building and up the fire escape and hear him die. Dean tells Sam to start wiping down their fingerprints and then goes to look inside.
Sam saw a dark shape stalking Roger in his vision. They brainstorm that something has latched on to the family. Dean’s offended when Sam says both their families are cursed. I’d be offended too by the amount of time Sam spends bad mouthing his family and I’m not even that attached to mine.
They go see Max and he says his dad and uncle had grown apart. They used to live near each other. They ask about the other house and Max says they were totally normal in a really suspicious way. Because nobody is totally normal. There’s no such thing as normal.
They go find the old house and talk to a neighbour. The dad was a mean drunk and used to beat Max along with the uncle. The step mother ignored it. The mother died in a car accident.
Sam has another vision. Max gets angry at the step mom for not doing anything and puts a knife through her head.
Sam was connecting to max and he feels sympathetic and understanding. Sometimes his empathy goes too far. The guy is killing people.
Dean wants to kill max but Sam says they can’t.
The brother barge in just before Max kills her and they get him to come outside to talk but he sees Dean’s gun and freaks out. He knocks out the step mum and gets Dean’s gun. Sam tries to talk him down by telling him about the visions.
Dean takes the mum upstairs. Sam says they deserved to be punished for what they did to him growing up but Max says it was still happening.
He didn’t leave because they’d still be out there. It was about not being afraid any more. His dad hated him because his mum died in his nursery and burned to death on the ceiling.
Sam says it’s true because it happened to him as well. His powers happened 6-7 months ago. Sam says he’s got to let them go.
Max doesn’t want to be afraid any more. He locks Sam in a cupboard and goes upstairs. He knocks Dean across the room and pulls the gun.
Dean says he’s got to go through him and blood splatters on the wall as he shoots dean in the head.
It was Sam’s vision and the pain of Dean’s death allows him to unlock his own telekinetic powers and he gets out of the closet.
Sam bursts in and says he can help him. Killing people won’t fix anything. Max agrees and shoots himself.
Later after they’ve called the police the step mom tells them that Max attacked her with the gun and the brothers are family friends. She breaks down saying she’s lost everyone. Even though she did nothing to help I kind of feel sorry for her. A lot of women stay in abusive relationships for lots of different reasons and she’s a bit broken.
Sam feels guilty that he didn’t say the right thing to save max because of course he does. He’s got a huge ego.
Then he manages to say something nice about his family. Sam feels lucky that they had dad and Dean never thought he’d hear Sam say that.
Sam wants to know why it killed their mom, jess and Max’s mom. He thinks it’s about them. Dean says it’s not because the demon would have taken him if he wanted him. Dean’s lying to him because he thinks Sam taking too much of the responsibility.
Sam says there’s something else and Dean’s like what now. I’m starting to feel the same way. Sam admits to moving the cabinet with his mind to get out of the closet and tells him he can’t switch it on and off. He then worries about becoming like Max. Dean says he won’t because he’s got him. Then says they should go to Vegas and win.
This episode has way too much Sam moping and whining. I’m finding it harder and harder to sympathise with him. It’s really strange because I’m all for ditching your family if they’re bad for you but something about Sam rubs me the wrong way so I end up on the other side of the argument than I usually am.
Dean doesn’t have much to do except worry over Sam getting stressed but I do like that he sacrificed himself for the step mom. Even if Sam stops that future happening.
The best thing about this episode is it moves the plot of the season forward a bit. They now know what happened to their family happened to others and Sam’s got telekinetic powers to be angsty about.

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Supernatural: Route 666


A racist ghost truck starts killing black people in a small town and Dean’s old girlfriend calls the Winchesters in to help. While Sam gets annoying about Dean telling people the family secret.


A man driving down route 666 gets attacked by a massive truck while the radio goes on and off so you know it’s something supernatural. He eventually gets driven off the road and the truck fades to nothing.
An old friend calls Dean. Her dad’s dead and she thinks it might be his sort of thing. Dean dated her for a while. Sam thinks it’s just a car accident and asks about how she knows about them. Dean admits he’s told her and it annoys Sam because he never told Jess.
They get to the town and find out that two black people have been killed on this stretch of road.
Both cars have a dent in them like something hit them but the police say it was just an accident because there are no other tire tracks.
Now jimmy’s died Cassie wants the road to be closed but it’s a main road in and out of town and the mayor refuses. She wonders if he’d closed the road if the victim’s were white. He says he’s the last person to be racist and she should ask her mother.
The Brothers ask some guys if Jimmy saw a truck like Cassie’s father did. The white guy knows nothing but the black guy says back in the 70’s there was a string of deaths of black people. They disappeared in a big black truck and the police didn’t care.
They brainstorm what could be going on. They reference the flying Dutchman where the ship is part of the captain. So the truck and driver had something to do with Cassie’s family.
Sam wants to know more about Dean’s relationship with Cassie. They were more involved than he said. He was in love and she dumped him.
Jimmy was the first black reporter to become an editor. She asked her mom about what the mayor said but she didn’t want to talk about it.
Dean and Cassie argue and start making out. It’s all very predictable. Then they have sex while an awful song plays about being in paradise.
The truck appears to the mayor. He runs but it kills him.
Dean and Cassie lay in bed and discuss their relationship until Sam calls.
Dean meets him where the mayor died. The cops are stumped and it looks like he was run over but there are no tire tracks again. The mayor had just bought the property.
Later Dean and Cassie do some research. The mayor bulldozed the house and the first killing happened the day after.
Cassie’s at home alone and the lights flicker because the truck is outside. She closes the windows and it opens the shutters. What does she think windows are going to do against a ghost truck? And the truck either has a sense of humour or is offended by her closing tHe windows. She calls Dean. This scene isn’t scary. I don’t care if it’s a ghost truck how’s it going to kill her if she’s in the house and it sticks to roads.
Dean gets to the house and she says no one was driving the truck and then it was gone. Cyrus Dorian owned the truck and he died 40 years ago. Cassie’s mum dated Cyrus for a while then dated Martin in secret. Cyrus found out and got angry. They decided to elope. On the date set for the wedding the church got burned down while a children’s choir was practising. Cyrus attacked Martin with a bat but Martin got the upper hand and killed him. Then the other two helped him get rid of the body. They put it in the truck and rolled it into the swamp.
The mayor found out but did nothing because he knew what Cyrus did.
Sam misses having conversations that don’t start with ‘this killer truck’. Stop complaining this is what makes you interesting.
Destruction of Cyrus’s house activated the spirit so they’ve got to destroy the truck.
They get a tractor to pull the truck out and then they burn the body. The truck turns up while they’re doing this and they’re surprised.
Dean gets in his car and leads the truck away while Sam has to burn the body. He phones Cassie and asks where the burned down church is. Then he phones Dean and directs him to the spot.
Dean sits in the car as the truck drives at him. It disappears as it should have hit him. He’s where the church burned down and when spirits cross hallowed ground they get destroyed. So Sam thought it might work.
Dean and Cassie say goodbye. It’s very boring.
Sam asks Dean if he ever thinks about putting what they do on hold to be with someone. Dean takes a nap instead of answering him.
I found this episode boring and I couldn’t really take the killer truck seriously. The relationship stuff dragged the episode down.
The good thing is they actually have black people in the story about racism and not use metaphors to represent them. It’s bad when explicit representation is progress.
The only thing I’m going to say is that all the patting on the back that happens when we look at how racist the past was then completely ignore how racist things still are. Especially when your TV show doesn’t have any recurring black characters and won’t have in the future either (I think there might have been a black angel at some point that lasted a little while but I’m not sure). Maybe you shouldn’t be pretending the present is perfect and highlight some of the problems that still exist. I don’t like glossing over things. I’m not black but I know how I feel about LGBTQ representation.
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Supernatural: Faith

Spoilers for the episode


Dean gets mortally injured fighting something that they try to kill using electricity so Sam does everything he can to find a way to save him. They go to a faith healer who’s meant to be legit but Dean’s not happy about it and it turns out it is too good to be true.


It’s night time and the brothers get their weapons to enter a house. They find some kids hiding from something and go to get them out but Sam gets grabbed and Dean tasers whatever it is.
Sam takes the kids and Dean continues the hunt. He finds the creature but falls in water so when he tasers it he gets shocked as well. Sam finds him unconscious.
At the hospital the doctor has bad news. Dean’s heart is damaged and he’s only got a few weeks to live.
In the hospital room Dean’s watching bad daytime TV when Sam enters. Dean tells him to take good care of the car or he’ll haunt him. Sam doesn’t find it funny (probably a bit too soon) but Dean says he’s drawn the short straw and it’s what happens to people who live their lives.
Sam decides to look for a mystical cure. He phones his dad and every other contact in the journal.
Dean turns up at the motel because he’s not going to die in hospital and makes a sexist comment about the nurses. Sam’s found a specialist in Nebraska.
They get there and Dean’s annoyed because he thought they were going to see a doctor not a faith healer. They argue and Dean believes in what he can see while Sam’s more open to it. Then they meet Darla from Buffy who’s there to be healed so now Dean decides he’s a believer because she’s pretty.
In the healing tent Sam makes them sit up front when all Dean wants to do is hide in the back.
The Reverend Roy starts his speech but hears Dean making sarcastic comments so calls him up to be healed. Dean tells him he’s not a believer but the Reverend says he will be.
Dean goes up reluctantly and Roy puts a hand on his head. He collapses to his knees and then onto the floor. The crowd start cheering before he gets back up. How do they know he’s not dying right there.
Dean sees a spirit behind ROY dressed in a suit.
They go tO the doctor who says he’s healthy but they also find out that a healthy young man died yesterday of a heart attack. Dean’s suspicious but Sam wants to let it go.
Dean goes to visit the Roy and gets his story about how he became a faith healer. He woke up one day blind and went to the doctor who told him he had cancer. He went into a coma and when he woke up he could heal people.
Dean wants to know why he chose to heal him out of everyone there. The reverend says god guides him. He looked into his heart and Dean has a great purpose.
Meanwhile Sam’s asking after the guy who had a heart attack. Before he died the guy was convinced someone was chasing him and the clocks froze at his time of death.
As Dean’s leaving the reverend’s house he meets Darla again who has a brain tumour. Her mother asks Dean why he deserved to live more than her daughter. That’s a pretty mean thing to say especially with Dean’s self esteem issues.
Back at the motel and Sam says heart attack guy died at the same time Dean was healed. He’s also researched other deaths that match when people were being healed and he’s sorry. Dean wishes he’d never come here.
Dean figures out it’s a reaper trading people’s lives. Reapers stop time and you only see them when they’re coming at you.
Sam thinks Roy’s using black magic to control it. Dean wants to kill Roy because he’s playing god which is also playing god because you’re deciding who lives and who dies.
Sam says no and they’ve got to figure out how to break the spell. Sam’s going to find the spell book while Dean stalls him.
Sam breaks into the house and finds a book that’s not dusty and behind it is a black magic book full of newspaper clippings. Sam calls Dean to tell him the next victim’s going to be the guy protesting in the parking lot.
In the tent Darla is called up to be healed and Dean tries to convince her not to go.
Sam finds the protester being chased by the reaper but can’t do anything because he can’t see it. It’s actually kind of funny.
Dean yells fire to get everyone out of the tent and then calls Sam who thinks the reaper’s gone but then the guy starts dying.
Dean finds Sue Ann the reverend’s wife chanting in a corner and stops her but she calls for help and he gets escorted out. She’s not going to press charges but that’s probably because she’s going to set the reaper on him.
Darla asks Dean why he did it and the reverend promises her a private session later.
The book Sam found teaches you how to do black magic. She used a binding spell on the reaper to save Roy and is now using it to kill immoral people. They’ve got to destroy the necklace or the alter and they’re not sure which so they should do both.
Dean’s feeling guilty because they’re stopping Darla from being healed again.
Sam goes to find Sue Ann while Dean provokes the cops and runs off.
Sam goes down to the basement where he finds an altar with Dean as the next victim. She locks him down there and says it’s all God’s will.
The reverend starts the healing and Dean sees the reaper but he doesn’t run.
Sam smashes the necklace and the reaper comes after Sue Ann.
Back in the tent Darla and Roy are confused why nothing happened.
At the motel and Dean wants to know they did the right thing. Darla turns up because Sam told her Dean wanted to say goodbye.
She still believes because you’ve got to have faith when the miracles don’t happen apparently. Dean tells her he’s going to pray for her and she takes that as a miracle. You have really low standards for what a miracle is.
Also I don’t think she’d show up here after he ruined her chances of getting healed. She’s nice but that’s unrealistically nice to a guy she met briefly about three times.
It’s not a bad episode. Usually religious stuff gets on my nerves quickly but this focused on who deserves to die and who has the right to decide.
It’s always interesting to see how they handle religion in a fantasy story. Usually the characters believe in magic because they’ve seen it but then they believe in god even though they’ve got no evidence. Like they don’t believe in every myth but god’s the exception to that.
I like that Dean believes in what he can see and I’m fine with him praying for her at the end because he’s not an atheist he’s an agnostic. I feel that I understand agnosticism better in fantasy settings because there’s lots of things they don’t believe in until they see them. Vampires for example. There are lots of things that are just myths in their world.
I don’t like faith healing unless it’s done for free and people are warned not to get their hopes up. I think they should have gone a little further with the faith healing is a con thing.
Dean’s against it at the beginning of the episode and Darla doesn’t get healed after the reaper’s gone but it always makes me uneasy thinking about the people who get conned.
I like all the Dean angst and you really get to see how unworthy he feels. At the end when the reaper’s coming after him there’s that possibility that he doesn’t want to fight it. He wants her to live.
I like Sam a bit more this episode because he acts like you would. Doing everything you could to save the person you love. That’s another part of faith healing I don’t like. The person trying everything they can only has so much time and energy to hunt down all options. They need to be informed and it’s misinformation. Preying on vulnerable people. I’m going to stop here or I’m going to go on all day about the evils of faith healing. I’ll be going round and round in circles.

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Supernatural: Scarecrow

Spoilers for the episode


Once a year a town sacrifices people passing through to their scarecrow to keep the town profitable. Meanwhile Sam abandons Dean to go chasing after their Dad.


One year ago a couple are lost but the nice townspeople give them pie and directions and fix their car. The car breaks down next to an orchard and they get out to find somewhere to call for help.

The woman doesn’t want to go into the orchard because she’s smart but the boyfriend goes in anyway. They come across a scarecrow and it moves it’s head while she’s looking at it. They hear noises in the dark and start running. The man disappears first. She trips over his mutilated corpse and it ends on the empty scarecrow cross.

Then we’re back to where we left off last episode with Sam on the phone to his Dad who refuses to tell his son where he is but tells him that it was a demon who killed their mother and he’s sorry about Jess.

He also says they’ve got to stop following him because it’s not safe. As opposed to what they’re doing now (hunting) which is totally safe.

Sam keeps asking questions instead of listening but Dean gets hold of the phone and follows orders.

The orders are to go to a town where people disappear every year so they get in the car.

While Dean’s gushing about their Dad’s skills Sam stops the car and says he wants to go to California to find their Dad. He found that out because of the area code when he redialed the phone.

Dan wants to follow orders because it’s not safe. Then they start arguing. Sam says Dean doesn’t know how he feels because their mother died when he was little and they don’t need to do everything Dad says. Dean says it’s called being a good son and Sam gets out of the car and gets his stuff out of the trunk. Dean calls him selfish and warns him he’ll drive away which he then does.

Dean gets to the town and asks after the couple from last year. The man says they don’t get a lot of strangers and is unhelpful.

Sam’s trying to hitch hike when he finds a woman doing the same. She doesn’t trust him but she does trust the guy who offers her a lift.

Back at the town and Dean’s still asking questions. He gets the same directions the couple got and drives off. The emf starts going off on the back seat which he tries to grab while still driving. They’re should be more car accidents in TV shows. I find it hard to watch when drivers stop paying attention to the road. I can’t focus on what’s happening in the scene I’m just thinking look at the road over and over again.

He stops the car and explores the orchard. He calls the scarecrow fugly and gets a ladder to get a closer look. It has the same tattoo as the man who’s missing.

He goes back to the town and talks to a woman who remembered the couple. She’s living with her aunt and uncle. She says their town is blessed because other towns are losing farms and jobs but they aren’t. Then he sees a couple with car trouble.

Sam’s stuck at the bus station until the next day and runs into the other hitchhiker. She’s called Meg and she’s going to California as well.

Dean finds a couple in the cafe who are on a road trip and their car will be fixed by night fall. Dean offers to fix it quicker but they decline. He tries to warn them but they get suspicious of him. The sheriff walks in and escorts Dean out of town.

Back to the bus station. Meg is getting away from her family who wanted to control her life and Sam immediately connects with her.

At the night and the couple end up in the orchard and the scarecrow comes to life but Dean shows up with a shot gun that repels it and they get to the car safely.

Dean and Sam talk on the phone about the scarecrow. The couple were given a last meal given to sacrifices, it’s a pagan thing.

Dean’s got to go to a college to talk to a professor about Pagan gods because he doesn’t have Sam no more. Sam asks if that’s a hint he needs to help. Dean tells him he’s got to live his own life, he always stands up to dad, he’s proud of him and to stay safe.

Sam tells Meg Dean said goodbye.

Dean finds the scarecrow in the professor’s books. It’s a vanir that is energy sprung from a sacred tree. He asks if the tree burned would that stop it. As he’s leaving the sheriff knocks him out.

Back at the town and Emily’s uncle is having doubts because they want to sacrifice his niece with Dean to the vanir. Everybody’s worried because the trees are already beginning to wilt.

They put Emily in the basement where they’re holding Dean. The aunt says they’re doing it for the common good.

Sam hasn’t been able to get hold of Dean for 3 hours so he’s going back. Meg tries to convince him not to but it doesn’t work.

Dean fails to escape the basement and he explains to Emily what’s happening. He asks her about a very special tree. She says there’s a first tree but she doesn’t know where it is.

Dean and Emily get tied to trees in the orchard. The aunt starts explaining about the greater good and the needs of the many and every other cliche sacrifice statement you’ve ever heard.

They leave and Emily asks what the plan is and Dean says he’s working on it. Cut to night and she says he doesn’t have a plan.

Sam turns up and unties them. Dan asks if the scarecrow’s moving. Sam says what scarecrow. They run but the townspeople are waiting. The uncle and the aunt get killed by the vanir as the brothers get Emily out of the orchard. They come back in the morning and burn the sacred tree. Emily’s the one to do it even though the brothers warn her she’s ruining the town.

Emily leaves on a bus and what will happen to the town will have to be enough of a punishment.

Sam still wants to find their Dad but I guess he’s staying because there’s not a show without him.

Meg kills a guy she got a ride off of and uses his blood to make a call. We only hear her side of the conversation but she’s getting orders and she wanted to kill the brothers. I don’t think we needed this scene to know there was something off about Meg. It’s not much of a surprise. I didn’t realise how much they set up for future seasons because I don’t think the Meg thing pays off this season.

This was an alright episode. I like the scarecrow it’s very creepy but all I can think of is Jeepers Creepers and my initial thought was that it was using body parts because it had the man’s tattoo. But they don’t mention why it kept the tattoo so I guess it just wanted to feel pretty.

The town really reminded me of Hot Fuzz. I guess small towns are like English villages. Every time the aunt started talking all I could hear was ‘the greater good’.

The parts with Sam were boring. It’s strange because I’m all for abandoning your family if that’s what’s good for you but everything out of Sam’s mouth is annoying and whiny.

It’s probably that you know he’s going to go back for Dean. He can’t leave because the brothers together is what the series is.

I’m not sure how many more Supernatural episodes I’m going to recap because it’s not really holding my attention. I’ll probably do until the end of season 1 but it’s not as good as I remember it being.

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Supernatural: Asylum

Spoilers for the episode


An asylum is haunted so naturally people have to trespass but there’s something causing people to get angry and commit murder so the brothers investigate.


At Roosevelt Asylum one cop is giving exposition to the new cop about the town’s legend of the asylum. It’s haunted. They can’t keep kids out and some one has used bolt cutters to cut through the chain to the south wing.

They separate to look for the kids. One cop find the kids but the new cop goes into a room when a door mysteriously opens.

He turns up outside and he’s acting weird. He goes home and shoots his wife and himself.

Sam’s on the phone asking for information about their dad while Dean’s looking through the journal. Sam wants to file a missing person report with the FBI and doesn’t care if their Dad would be pissed about it because he’s dead for all they know.

Then they get a text message with coordinates which is suspicious to them because their dad can’t work a toaster. Which makes me wonder how he manages with guns.

Sam’s reluctant to go but Dean says they’re going where their Dad sends them.

They find the cop from the first scene and run a little con on him. Dean’s a horrible reporter who just wants a story while Sam runs him off and buys the guy a beer.

It turns out the new cop was the head of his class and good at his job so it’s out of character for him to kill his wife and commit suicide.

They go to the asylum and a newspaper clipping form the journal says that a kid went crazy and set the place on fire. They deduce there haven’t been more deaths because the chain on the door kept people out but they manage to include the line maybe it was keeping something in. That has got to be one of the biggest horror cliches.

Dean teases Sam about the psychic stuff and they find a room where it looks like the patients were tortured.

Sam decides this is a good time to talk about how Dad’s not there but Dean says they’re following his orders.

They find the son of the Doctor who ran the asylum. He’s a psychiatrist and Sam goes to see him as a patient to get more information about the asylum. The psychiatrist says he’ll answer Sam’s questions if he answers his. How do you feel about your brother? The look on Sam’s face and that Dean comments on how long he was in there says that Sam had a lot to say about Dean.

The patients rioted but nobody could find the body of the doctor.

Back at the Asylum and two kids have decided to explore. The girl thought they were going to a movie but the boy says this is better because it’s like being in a movie. That’s not better that’s worse.

The boy wanders off leaving her behind. I would have gone back to the car and left him in there.

He enters a room and a girl appears in the darkness behind the boy and when he sees her she comes forward and kisses him. Then he hears his girlfriend calling him from somewhere else. That moment of realisation is so creepy.

The brothers have come back with an emf and a camera. Sam comes across a spirit and Dean shoots it with the rock salt shot gun but Sam doesn’t think it was trying to hurt him.

They find the girl, who’s called Kat, and she can’t find the boy, who’s called Gavin. She’s been seeing things and she heard Gavin scream but she refuses to leave without him.

They wander around calling his name. Dean asks her if she’s ever seen a horror movie and next time she does watch one she should pay attention and not enter buildings that are haunted. It’s everything I’ve always wanted to say to someone in a horror movie. It’s like people in a zombie movie who have never heard of the word zombie let alone seen a zombie movie.

Sam finds Gavin who ran from the spirit who kissed him. Sam confirms that she didn’t try to hurt him.

Back with Dean and Kat and she tells Dean he’s hurting her arm and he’s like what. She gets pulled into a room by the spirit and the door closes.

It’s another one of the bigger horror cliches and I love it. It makes me wonder why the spirits don’t just grab you and run instead of waiting until you’ve realised it’s not the person standing next to you that’s touching you. These spirits may not be attacking them but they’re still mean. Also from the way they were standing how does she think it’s Dean holding her arm.

Dean can’t get her out then Sam arrives and tells her to calm down and listen to what the spirit has to say.

She’s let out and she says a number. Dean thinks it’s a room number and goes to look for it. He tells Sam to get them out.

Kat asks about how they know about the ghost stuff. Sam answers it’s their job. She thinks Dean’s his boss.

Dean finds Doctor Ellicot’s journal.

Sam can’t find a way out and Gavin’s panicking. Then Dean calls and it’s full of static and breaks up. He’s in the basement. Sam leaves Kat with the shot gun.

Sam finds the basement, his torch goes out and a door opens. Sam goes in and we get the curtain cliche where Sam slowly pulls back the curtain but it’s a misdirect because the ghost is behind him. Then doctor Ellicot grabs him telling him he’ll make him all better.

Kat tells Gavin she’s breaking up with him once they get out of there. I wouldn’t wait until you get out of there I’d do it now.

She sees movement and shoots but it’s only Dean. Who says he didn’t call (which we already know, it would have worked better if this scene came before Sam’s scene.)

Dean finds Sam and tells him the patients rioted against the Doctor because he was doing nasty stuff to them. He had a rage therapy where he thought that if he got all their rage out he could cure them.

Dean finds the hidden treatment room when Sam’s nose starts bleeding and he aims the gun at dean.

It’s full of rock salt so it won’t kill just hurt. Sam shoots Dean who smashes through the door to the treatment room.

Sam’s tired of taking orders form Dean. Then he mocks him about following Dad’s orders like a good little soldier. Dean gives Sam a gun with proper bullets and calls his bluff.

Sam takes a while but pulls the trigger but there’s no bullets and Dean knocks him out. I like that love doesn’t win.

Dean explores the treatment room with all it’s curtains and the doctor appearing behind him. He finds the corpse and starts salting it as his torch goes out. The spirit grabs Dean and starts his treatment but Dean manages to throw his lighter onto the body and it goes up in flames.

Sam wakes up and Dean asks if he’s going to kill him now because that would be awkward.

Outside and Sam apologises. Dean asks if he meant it and Sam asks if they need to talk about this which Dean doesn’t want to.

Later Dean’s asleep when the phone rings. Sam answers and its their dad.

This episode is so much better than the recent ones. It’s a lot like Wendigo. I enjoy them being isolated in creepy places. And they manage to save people. They’ve only got two but they both survive.

And we get a lot of horror cliches making it very genre aware (that’s why I like scream).

The Dad stuff though is getting old. I don’t know why they want to find him he seems like an awful person. Also how is going through the journal and calling people going to help. Surely they’ve already done this. Because if they haven’t they’re really bad at their jobs.

The subplot about following orders and Sam being in conflict with their dad comes back again later in the show. And there’s a good episode exploring Dean’s need to follow their Dad’s orders because of something that happened to him as a child.

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Supernatural: Home

Spoilers for the episode


Sam and Dean have to go back to the house where their mother died because the family that lives there now is in danger of a poltergeist.


In the Winchesters old house a Woman and her kids have just moved in. She’s crying over wedding pics and her kid comes in saying there’s a monster in the closet. So the mother puts a chair in front of the door and goes back to unpacking. There’s scurrying coming from below so she decides going down into the basement where the light has stopped working is a good idea. She finds a box with winchester pictures.

In the little girl’s bedroom she’s watching the chair in front of the closet door move and it slowly opens. It’s scary right up until the ghost catches fire and you can see it. This is when the little girl screams. She should have screamed way before that.

Sam is dreaming about the house where their mother died and the woman from the teaser is screaming and banging on the windows. He doesn’t recognise the house until he draws the tree form the dream and matches it to a picture. Dean swore he would never go back to the house but knows they have to go back. Sam confesses about his dreams of Jess dying.

They get to the house and Dean’s preparing a lie (he always wants to lie) but Sam tells her the truth that they used to live here and they want to look around. She lets them in but it’s mostly because she found their pictures and it said winchester on the back. She’s still an idiot to let them in though.

She’s getting a fresh start but the house has problems. Flickering lights, rats in the basement though she hasn’t seen them just heard them. The little girl asks if they had it in their closets too. She says it wasn’t a nightmare.

Outside and Sam’s convinced it’s a malevolent spirit. Dean recounts what he can remember and their dad’s story. They’ve got to ask around.

Dean phones their Dad and tells him where they are saying he doesn’t know what to do. That’s dean’s thing. He pretends to know what he’s doing and acts confident but it’s not usually the case.

At the house and the sink’s backed up so she leaves the plumber to it. He turns off the power and sticks his hand down the garbage disposal. This has got to be one of the biggest horror cliches. A toy monkey starts moving (another cliche) and the disposal gets switched back on destroying his hand. With how much blood pours out the bottom I’m surprised he survived. It’s horrible.

Those toy monkeys with the symbols that clap seem to be popular in a few horror movies. I think it was in the woman in black.

The brothers find out their dad used to own a garage and no one’s seen him since he disappeared years ago. They find out he went to a palm reader after their mother’s death. There are a lot in the phone book but one matches a name in the phone book. Mazuri. So they go see her and she’s one big stereotype. Mystical black person.

She knows who they are straight away and she knows about Jess and their Dad being missing.

Dean asks her where he is and she tells him off. She doesn’t seem to like him. It’s funny at first but it gets annoying by the end.

She’s the one who told their dad what was out there.

Back at the house and the woman is liable for the plumbers hand. I’m surprised he‘s still alive with the amount of blood he lost.

She leaves her son alone in his playpen for a minute and when she comes back he’s gone. The spirit has lured the kid into the fridge with the promise of juice. And she only notices because milk is leaking out under the door.

Mazuri gets them into the house by using her psychic powers to get into the woman’s head so she trusts her.

There’s lots of dark energy in the house (as if she was going to say anything else). She also says they’ve got a nasty poltergeist (as if it would be a nice one).

Dean’s using an emf and she calls him an amateur. He built the emf that’s not something to get snobby about. Just because he can’t sense evil he’s an amateur when it seems like psychic gifts aren’t learned you’re born with it.

Apparently the evil that kill their mother left wounds that are now infected. They’re going to stick stuff inside the walls to purify the house and once the spirit realises things are going to get nasty..

Dean gets attacked with knives and Sam with a lamp. They survive though but Sam doesn’t think it’s over. Of course it’s not. They’ve still got bad feeling about the house they’ve got to have some sort of resolution before moving on to the next episode.

The brothers hang around outside and see Jenny banging on the window like she did in Sam’s dream. Dean gets Jenny while Sam gets the kids past a burning figure. He tells the girl to take her brother outside as fast as she can just like the dad said to Dean in the first episode. Sam gets smashed about while Dean breaks his way back into the house.

Sam’s pinned to the wall while a burning figure approaches and it’s so obvious it’s their mother. You know what’s going to happen.

She tells the poltergeist to get out of her house and let go of Sam then she starts burning again.

Then Mazuri’s back to explain what happened. She didn’t know this was going to to happen so who’s the amateur now. Their mother destroyed herself to kill the poltergeist. Did we really need that explained? It was obvious.

Mazuri goes home and the Dad’s there. He can’t see his sons until he knows the truth. So basically he’s just being a dick to them. It also ruins the whole we’ve go to find our Dad sub plot which is the premise of the show. Now we know he’s fine.

This was way better than last episode but that’s not much of an achievement. That bar was set very low. All it had to do was not piss me off.

I like the episodes that give the brothers lots of stuff to be angsty about. And this definitely gave them that.

I don’t like Mazuri though. How she treats Dean is funny at first but it gets annoying fast. There are things he needs to be criticised for but in the end she’s just picking on him out of habit.

Supernatural is at it’s best when it focuses on the horror. This had some horror cliches and I love cliche spotting. They aren’t always a bad thing.

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Supernatural: Bugs

Spoilers for the episode


A curse causes Bugs to start killing people where new houses have been built and so the Winchesters get to go be squatters.


On a building site a guy falls down a hole in the ground and breaks his ankle. The guy he’s with goes to get a rope instead of calling an ambulance or other people to help. While he’s gone the guy gets eaten by bugs borrowing into his head and eating his brain.

Somewhere else and Dean’s hustling pool while Sam wants to get day jobs for once. This is setting up the argument they’re going to be having for most of the episode.

The Paper says a guy died of mad cow disease but that takes years to kill and he had no symptoms before his death. So they decide to investigate.

The guy that died was called Dusty and the guy with him didn’t see anything but tells them where it happened.

They find the hole cordoned off by yellow police tape and no one stops them from jumping down the hole. It’s daylight and there are people in the background. This is just like the breaking into people’s houses with the police out the front thing.

Dean manipulates Sam into going down the hole in a way that I think Sam is really too smart to fall for. He finds that there are no burrows to the hole only dead beetles.

They go to the neighborhood BBQ and every one thinks they’re gay. The first time they correct them but the second time they let it go. Larry is the real estate guy and he’s bought a house along with Linda who is head of sales.

Sam meets Larry’s kid Matt, who likes bugs and his father doesn’t approve. Sam identifies with him because his dad didn’t approve of him either. Sam tells him “it gets better”.

Dean doesn’t remember their dad treating them like that. Sam says Dean was perfect but Sam wanted to learn soccer instead of bow hunting.

Dean decides they’re going to squat in a house and they find out another guy died of bee stings while Linda dies of spider bites in the shower.

They break into Linda’s house while the police are outside and again it’s daylight. How does no one see them?

They find dead spiders. Dean thinks maybe from spider boy because he tried to scare Linda with a spider at the party.

They track him down and decide to confront him in an isolated spot in some woods. That’s not creepy at all.

He denies being involved but there is something going on with the bugs. He’s tried to tell his dad but he won’t listen to his ‘freak’ son.

Sam smypathises and almost gets into an argument with Dean about if the kid should leave his family to go to college. Bug problem and people dying is more important than this.

Matt has been studying the insect populations and they are really high in the area. He leads them to where a lot of insects are congregated. They find a skeleton buried in the ground.

They go to a college to see a professor and have another conversation about Sam feeling like he was the freak of the family because he wanted a normal life and to go to school. Dean doesn’t think he respected their dad enough.

The professor sends them to a Native American reservation to see Joe Whitetree. There was no historical record of Native Americans being on the land or being moved but the victors write the history.

Joe Whitetree doesn’t like Dean because he’s a liar and everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. The best thing he says is ‘People who are telling the truth don’t start a sentence with the truth is.’ He likes Sam because Sam just asks questions without trying to make up a story.

Native Americans suffered on the land so there’s a curse that if any white person lives on the land they will suffer for six days and on the sixth day they will all die. There’s no breaking a curse you just have to get out of its way so it’s time to evacuate.

Dean calls Larry and tries to tell him there’s a gas leak but he knows the guy Dean’s trying to impersonate. Joe was right you shouldn’t lie.

So Sam calls Matt and tells him to make his Dad listen but Dean tells him to fake an illness.

Matt being an idiot tells the truth and his dad is pissed with the brothers. They all end up arguing in the front garden.

They hear the swarm before they see it and everyone rushes inside. The phones are dead because the bugs have chewed through the cables. They’re very Smart bugs. And they’ve blanketed the house so Mobile’s have no signal. I wonder if they did that on purpose as well.

They can only outlast it. They use towels to stop them getting under the door. Dean finds bug spray and sets a lot of them on fire. So the bugs break in through the chimney.

They get to the attic and termites eat through the roof. Then the bugs just stop and leave because the sun’s up. That was anti-climatic. I know they said there was nothing they could do but that felt like the sun came up really quickly. I guess curses aren’t that dangerous after all.

So Matt gets rid of the bugs because they weird him out now and he’s now getting on with his dad. Those two things aren’t connected but it feels like that’s the message of the episode. Relationships are about compromise. Except the ‘freak’ son did all the compromising by getting rid of his bugs and the Dad did nothing.

Sam now wants to go find their Dad to apologise. Dean says that within 5 minutes they’ll be at each other’s throats again.

I have a big problem with this episode besides the stupid ending where they all manage to survive the curse very easily.

Sam uses the phrase “it gets better” which is a campaign against homophobia and bullying. The It Gets Better Project  was started in response to LGBT young people committing suicide. Add that to characters describing themselves as freaks and the Winchesters being mistaken for a gay couple and I think Matt is a stand in for a gay kid (you could probably put queer/trans/bi or any other thing people are biased against in there).

But they can’t use a gay character because that would mean being explicit in their support and we can’t have that. You’ve got to be just vague enough that the bigots don’t get upset and you can deny it if you have to.

Also you don’t want to have to write about a gay character that would be awful. They always manage to find some way to make a story about oppression, discrimination or not fitting in about the straight white able bodied cis-man. And they’ve managed to do that to Sam (I’m assuming he’s straight because I don’t remember him having any boyfriends or identifying as bisexual).

You’re supposed to empathise with Sam but I don’t. He’s annoying. He calls himself a freak because he wants to be normal. There’s a lot of whining that goes on. The word freak is tossed around a lot this episode.

Then we get to the bit that pushed me over to actually hating the episode. If they’d just kept it about a father and son not getting along and general teen feelings of no one understands me that would have been fine. But they reference a campaign for LGBT youth and make Sam the representation of that then have him want to apologise.

Sam wants to go apologise to his dad, now after all episode describing himself as a freak and telling Matt it gets better. Well that’s an unfortunate sentence at the end of the episode. His freakishness was why they argued. I’m never apologising for my freakishness.

The only good thing about this episode was Joe Whitetree. He was funny and mean to Dean which never gets old.

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Supernatural: Hook Man

Spoilers for the episode


A woman’s judgmental nature gets the people around her killed when she accidentally summons the Hook man to kill all the sinners.


A couple stop in an isolated place at night under a bridge. They start kissing and he tries to go further than she wants him to but he doesn’t listen. Luckily they are interrupted by the monster of the week dragging his hook across a sign.

The boy gets out to have a look because he’s a moron. She’s not at this point (later she is). So she locks the doors but after hearing noises on the roof decides to get out and run but turns around to find the boy suspended. She screams a very cliched scream with arm raising just to throw them down again.

Dean’s teasing Sam about his fancy drink and I love his reply of bite me. They start to have yet another conversation about how their Dad doesn’t want to be found when Dean derails it with the plot device of the newspaper. They think the monster might be the invisible man.

They show up at the fraternity of the dead boy saying they’re transfers to get information and get pointed to Lori who’s the Reverend’s daughter.

The reverend’s giving a sermon and he’s thanking the dead boy because he believes he was trying to protect his daughter when he died, not one step away from sexually assaulting her. Shows how much your belief is worth.

The brothers approach Lori and Sam connects with her over dead loved ones. She thinks the police blame her for not having anything to go on. She tells them the boy was suspended upside down so they think it’s the Hook man legend.

So it’s off to the library to do research. He was a man who preached against sins and believed people should be punished. He got arrested for his crimes.

At Lori’s sorority house and she’s arguing with the reverend. He’s worried because there are a lot of girls in her sorority and she might drink alcohol. I’d be more worried she’d get murdered if she was by herself.

She goes up to her room and the music and the camera tell you some thing’s going to happen.

The brothers go to the road where everything happened and they’ve got a shotgun loaded with rock salt which is Dean’s idea. Unfortunately the sheriff catches them.

Lori wakes up to find her roommate dead and a message on the wall reading ‘aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light’.

At the police station and Dean has managed to convince the sheriff that Sam is a pledge and it was a hazing. Although the sheriff’s got to be bad at his job because Sam doesn’t know what Dean’s told him so he can’t have talked to Sam. So the sheriff’s just let go two men he found at the crime scene with a shot gun.

The police get the news about Lori’s roommate’s death and the brothers follow. They sneak into the house by climbing in a window with the police out front. How don’t they get seen?

They think the hook man isn’t haunting the place because murders are happening in different places so it’s about something else.

The message is classic hook man and the symbol. Dean thinks Lori’s got something to do with it.

At a party and they think it’s either the reverend is summoning it or it’s latched onto his emotions. Dean regretfully leaves the party to go find the body.

Sam goes to Lori’s house and witnesses them fighting before she spots him outside and goes out to talk to him. She makes a joke about calling the police which is what she should be doing because she doesn’t know him and she thinks there’s a killer on the loose. She thinks she’s cursed because people around her keep dying. Her mother’s dead as well but I don’t think that was the hook man.

In the cemetery Dean salts and burns the corpse. All the rustling in the trees goes no where.

While Lori’s doing some more whining at Sam which is fair enough because bad stuff is happening to her but he’s a stranger.

The Police think she’s a suspect and her father’s having an affair with a married woman. He taught her right and wrong and to believe and now he’s doing wrong. She decides this is a good moment to kiss Sam. Her father tells her to come in but the hook man gets him from behind and drags him into the house. Sam pursues with the rock salt gun and saves the reverend.

At the hospital the sheriff interviews Sam and tells him to stop getting into trouble. You’re not meant to be giving him advice you should be arresting him or at least interrogating him.

Dean turns up at the hospital and they think hook man is latched onto Lori because she preaches morality a lot and believes if you do bad you get punished.

They figure out the hook hasn’t been destroyed because that wasn’t in the grave when Dean burned the body. It was reforged so they go to the church and the reverend’s house and burn all the silver.

Lori shows up and blames herself for everyone dying because she had bad thoughts about them and she thinks it’s an avenging angel. Which makes the hook man come after her because she needs to be punished.

A chase around the church follows. Including a funny moment when Sam opens a door and there’s the hook man so he tries to close it but that doesn’t work.

Sam gets injured and Dean saves them because he’s finished burning all the silver. They notice Lori’s necklace and Dean takes it to burn while Sam protects Lori.

Hook man disappears just as he’s about to kill them.

The sheriff doesn’t really believe the story but they’re sticking to it and he goes to warn Dean about causing trouble but Dean says they’re leaving. I wonder if he has a list of the places he can’t go back to or a list of Sheriffs that should have arrested them but didn’t.

Then we get the little epilogue where Lori thanks Sam. Dean says they could stay but Sam shakes his head.

It’s a good message on not judging people if you don’t want them to be murdered horribly. The hook man is kind of scary in that he can appear anywhere and rock salt only stops him for a second. He’s relentless.

The best part of the episode is the bickering between the brothers at the beginning and then when they sneak into the sorority house. It makes the exposition less boring.

The rest of the episode is only made watchable because of them. I’d forgotten how formulaic the early episodes were but that might not change because I can’t remember the later episodes much either.

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